Images of Christmas

As we move into 2010, leaving the naughties behind (01- 09) our fun and frivolities at the Golf Club this New Years,  I thought I’d share some of our Christmas photos with you.

The boys are always keen to help set the table… especially if fire is involved. The attraction for candle lighting job is so great I could just about get these boys to do anything with the promise they can light the candle. I can even get them to comb their hair. Now that’s a force to be reckoned with.

The table did look lovely though, and I must say my last minute place cards (thanks Michele for the great idea) were fun. Cuttlebugged of course with the new Making Memories Blingy Letters and Glitterey Scrolls, they matched my setting perfectly.

Christmas Morning… Santa was very kind to our family… he left a Wii for us. Must say, wii have all had a lot of fun with it too.

Everyone helped Josh open his gifts. He  didn’t quite last the morning, but did quite well considering. He doesn’t seem to like sitting for long these days, hopefully he’ll be better once his dodgy hips are repaired. Till then, we alllow him the luxury of being an unsociable little so-and-so who prefers tv in his bed to anything else on offer.

Aww… lovely photo of David and Lauren. A far cry from the first Christmas when I tried to get photos of them, now they just pose and get it over and done with… and look at the result.. Beautiful.

Emily and Georgie, and I will point out that Em was playing “dress-ups” in Lauren’s shoes. These DO NOT belong to my baby girl, even if she is the same size. Darn kid, keeps growing up on me.

Ever seen “jump boots”? They are cool. And yes, helmet is required. Especially for beginners. This hyper child can be seen running about the neighborhood like Go Go Gadget Man.

My Ma and Me. Love photos of us together. We need more.

Mr Immaturity himself. I know you are all insanely jealous really, that I have this hunk of spunk all to myself.  


I hope you all had a very merry christmas everyone, and all the best for 2010.

Love always


5 responses to “Images of Christmas

  1. Gorgeous photo’s Tan, what a wonderful day we all had. You looked fantastic in your new dress!!!!! I’m going to have to harrass you for a copy of the photo’s. xoxo

  2. gorgeous photos Tan!!! Glad you all had a lovely Xmas! All the best to you and your delightful family for the new year! Love always Nat xoxo

  3. Yeah, the one of Andrew is the best one we got of him all day.

  4. He is certainly a CLASS act isn’t he?????

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