Blu tack creations

Child #4 has always been very creative. He can just “make stuff”, and from the most unlikely things. I tell you nothing is safe. But his favourite thing to play with, like since he was little, is blu tack. He loves to have a piece in his hands, just a little, and has been busted at school again and again and again for having a piece in his hand. He just likes to hold it.  To have it near. I find him asleep with it in his hand. If you confiscate it, he will replace it with something else almost without thinking. He’s a tactile kind of kid.

While you might think this is fantastic, it certainly has it’s downside. Believe me. Believe his teachers.

So when we gave him a WHOLE PACKET of Blu Tack to play with, he thought we were joking. The look of disbelief was priceless.
“Yes mate, you can have this”.
“All of it”
Smiling because he thinks we are crazy. 
“Just for you”.
Smile fades, realizes we are for real.
Wonders what the catch is.
“Go on, make something with it, you could win a prize”.

Then I didn’t hear another word from him for the next 2 hours.

They are the characters from Ice Age. The squirrel, his nut and the sloth.


3 responses to “Blu tack creations

  1. Wow, fantastic… love them and all the little details look spot on too. He certainly has a future in the arts I would think….

  2. He was just saying the other day that when he grows up he’s gonna move to the city and be a famous artist… and when he’s done with that and his wife has a job, he’s going to stay home with the children.
    Yep, got it all planned. Just needs to start work on the famous bit. Hee hee.

  3. Awesome bit of creativity that. Noice. You’re very talented.

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