Back to class

These school holidays I set myself a goal – to spend some time doing “nothing”. I have accomplished what I set out to do. Woo hoo. I have done nothing.  I have relaxed, I have chilled out with the kids, I have caught up on my sleep. Oh, have I caught up on my sleep! I have also done a lot of other things, scrapped some old photos, sorted out my albums (oh man) and completely overhauled my girls cupboards, bookcases and drawers.
Now I am ready to go back to work. I am wanting to start classes again, I am excited about 2010. It’s nice to have a break, but I want to hear how your Christmas was? I want to hear all the chat, I am having withdrawals now. How was that album you were working on recieved? Did you see in the New Year? Are you ready for some more scrapbooking and cardmaking? I AM!
Bookings are now being taken for Term One, for Beginner Classes and Extension Classes. We are putting the Beyond the Basics class on the back burner for a little bit, in order to make room for our new scrapbooking classes on Monday nights.  Cardmaking will be on Wednesdays again, and there are also 3 on this term on Thursday nights. Only 3. Don’t forget to book.
Beginners classes are a series of 6 classes suited for those who want to ease back into (or start) the art of scrapbooking. This term they will be on Wednesday nights, or Thursday mornings. Extension classes are our finest, they are made exclusively for our students by our design team, never to be repeated. There are 3 times per fortnight to choose from to do these classes, or you may choose to do them remotely, but this term we will be having 4 classes instead of the usual 5. This is due to a number of reasons, but mostly because the end of term runs into Easter and I realise many people will be busy again by then. We will also most likely be going to Sydney for the trade show sometime at the end of this term, but there are no dates for me yet.
Talking about dates, I am still waiting to hear about Joshua’s surgery. PMH theatre re-opened today, and I am hoping I will have some knowledge by the end of the week as to when he will be going. I have been happily doing “the ostrich” and sticking my head in the sand – it’s nice there – I will face it when it comes. As I was feeding him by his bedside today the thought came to me that I will soon be doing this in hospital and immediately I felt sorry for him, I worry for him so much. I began to think about the logistics of 2 weeks in hospital, lifting, keeping him occupied, travelling, flying, accomodation, the other 3 kids, the shop, starting school, the pets, no sleep, pain management, oh the pain he’d be in…  POP – there goes the head – back in the sand. Just like Scarlett O’Hara – “I can’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow”.
For now I am thinking about cardmaking classes, the gorgeous new Hero Arts 2010 catalogue that has been released and all the wonderful cards we will be able to make. I have 7 to do this term and I had better get cracking on that! We will be working with Pearl Ex this term, as well as Tim Holtz alcohol inks, ( I say that fast and the King of the house wants to know who the alchoholic is that I keep talking about). Now I mentioned those beautiful stamps, the first one I got my hands on was the gorgeous butterfly set. I have had a play with it and love it, but am working on a special card for that one. Might make that the first class this term. Wednesdays, morning or afternoon. You’ll need 2 hours.


6 responses to “Back to class

  1. Geez you were quick to grab those images!!……they weren’t on their blog when I went to bed last night hehehee…………..

  2. Hi Tan,Can you please put me down for classes and cardmaking. I’ll be in sometime to pay for it. Thanks.. Thursday Nights please.

    • Hi Adele, I look forward to catching up. Hope all is well with you and yours. xx I’ve put you in for both classes, there are 3 cards and 4 extensions. I have also updated the timetable if you want to download it.

  3. Geez wanna write an essay or what?!?!?!?! The new year will bring good things 2 Tan. After Josh is all better you will never look back because he will be better than he is now. Be strong, we’re all here. xoxo

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