How to get attention

Josh did a pretty good job of getting our attention yesterday. He was parked in front of the tv in his wheelchair, watching his thing,  and the 3 younger kids and I were also in the room, all doing our thing. I was packing stuff away, Child #2 was modpodging a gift, and #3&4 were on the computer. Josh usually makes noise, and we have all learned to live with lots of noise in our home. 

So, we are all busy, and Josh lets out a little whinge, a whinge that we hear all too often. That’s the way he communicates. He whinges. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. A lot of times too much! Anyway, I casually look over at him and my heart does a skip, my eyes widen and panic sets in. This boy is COVERED in blood. I mean covered – right to his toes! I quickly realise it’s a blood nose from the heat and I run like a mad woman for wipes, tissues and the other 3 kids all run to his aid too. What a sight. He had it on every inch of his face, running down his neck, all over his bib, on both hands, arms and inbetween his fingers, then it was splattered all down his legs to his feet. He must have leaned forward and breathed it out. Oh my Lord he looked like a trauma accident. Josh wouldn’t have cared two hoots, unless it hurt, and wouldn’t worry about the colour, he doesn’t show any feeling of fear, so he was perfectly fine, the rest of us were a little shell-shocked for a minute, before we laughed it off and wished we had the camera!

I used to suffer blood noses in the heat, and now all 3 of my boys do too, so I’ve seen a lot of blood noses in my time…. but this one was the best one by far!


7 responses to “How to get attention

  1. You poor buggers…! What do you mean, no photos… could have made for a great layout! Sorry Joshy… you do bear the brunt of a few jokes buddy!

  2. Poor Josh- although by the sounds of it he didn’t mind too much! Definitely a family trait- your brother gets blood noses too!

  3. Gosh do you know what’s worse? When you get a blood nose in a while Jumper on a plane when there is terbulance while landing and you don’t have any tissues! Yucky yucky, it gets everywhere and you look like a dork!

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