New Class

I have been bursting with excitement over this new class and finally I can bring you the news.

Our new class is very different to any classes we have had previously.

It is not like Beginner classes, where we teach you as much as we possibly can.

It’s not like Beyond the Basics Classses where we try to cover more techniques.

It’s not like Extension Classes where the page is created for you by our Design Team, packed with the newest lovely papers and embellishments with full instruction.

These classes all have their place, but this new class now will also have a place.

It’s loose, it’s carefree, it’s wonderful.

It’s called SKETCH CLASS.

Scrap with the photos you have, to tell the story you want to tell.

You can be a beginner, or a mad-keen scrapbooker already.  We won’t tell you what to use, or what to do, it’s up to you, but we will be there to help you every step of the way, so you can become the confident scrapbooker you always wanted to be. You are not restricted to any theme or colour, so you can do anything your heart desires and  know there is a teacher on hand to help you as much as you wish. You will be provided with a sketch for an outline of design and our Design Team will have layouts prepared to inspire you, and if that’s not enough, our Design Team members will be scrapbooking with you on the night. They will do the same sketch as you, with you, with their photos, their style. It’s going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait.

Hurry to book as places are limited (even more so as our Design Team will be scrapping too) and we are running 6 of these classes this term. Monday nights 6.30 – 8.80  They are $20 class, plus supplies, and you can book for one class, or for all 6 for $100. See the Current Timetable section for the newest update on the calendar for dates of these classes.


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