Celebration of the Nation

Geraldton puts on a pretty good show and this years Australia Day celebration was the best ever. The foreshore was a fabulous area, and the people flocked there today. There was room for everyone, and those there were all so happy and relaxed it made for a beautiful day. A bit different to last year, where I saw kids beating up on each other and some families didn’t want to stay long. The foreshore was a totally different atmosphere, and I thought it was terrific.

This is how my family spent our Australia Day.

We joined the beach party this morning, (late because we all slept in) and the 3 younger members of the family all went off to swim and play, the 3 older members sat in the shade on the grass. There was lots going on with free Bouncy castles and activities. The sandcastle comp looked really cool. We were too late to be involved, but the kids had a good look at the finished creations. We walked a bit and then parked under the shade. My #1 child was happy, so that means we got to stay a little longer. He is a bugger usually to get photos taken, but this morning I jagged a couple of him with the King.

I got this…

Isn’t it just beautiful? He gave eye contact AND a smile. OMG! That’s huge.

Then I got this…

I “almost” got eye contact here… but his head is UP and that IS a Joshy smile. I’m doing a little happy dance now. The cool breeze in his face, a parent by each side – what more could a kid want? But get a load of that hair! OMG I had better cut it before school next week, they’ll think they have a feral on their hands.

Where we sat we could hear many conversations, I overheard all sorts, like the debate over the flag, then there was the comments about the lack of the aboriginal flag, to the lewd comments made by some men over the scantily clad teenagers. It was interesting, I heard Mothers calling their children, one stomped off to retrieve a disobedient child and everyone cleared the way (scary Ma). There were infants,( oh my I love babies), and there were screaming infants, (oh my I am glad I don’t have babies anymore). There were kids on ripsticks and long long lines for the free bouncy castles and facepainting. Everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We didn’t have a flag, so Child #4 made one, then stuck it to a cricket wicket. Now there’s blue crayon all over my CLEANED desk. Beautiful.

So anyway, the beach was fun, then we headed home for lunch. We played board games and had a rest, then met some friends down at the foreshore again this evening for dinner. The kids had some fun on the carnival games/rides (what a way to blow some money fast) then we settled back to watch the fireworks over the water.

I read Pioneer Woman and her kids would thrive on guns and bull riding, but mine… not-so. They are country kids, but my 12 yr old girl would not be able to go head-to-head with her 12 yr old girl in a bull riding competition, her kids are just awesome riders – real ranchers. Child #2 gave it a go, she didn’t last long.. but boy did she look pretty.

She was still smiling though.

Child #3 gave it a go too, but he wasn’t worried about being embarrassed, holding on with one hand doing circles in the air with the other – loudly “whooping” as he rode it for all of 3 seconds. On/off/om/off/on/off. Done. Five bucks spent in less than 120 seconds. Fun to watch though. Just look at how he ‘mounted’ the bull – this photo is taken as he is getting on. Pity the lighting was bad and I couldn’t get a decent shot.

Child #4 preffered to spend his money where he might win something. Also the fact that he wouldn’t get hurt was a pretty big drawcard too. Shooting tin cans was more his style, but he doesn’t look like he’ll be joining the army soon. Thank goodness. 

With all our money spent, it was time to head back to our spot on the lawn to watch the firework display.

Beautiful. And that last bang I didn’t get on camera – but it was AWESOME.

Well done Geraldton – Happy Australia Day everyone.


4 responses to “Celebration of the Nation

  1. Sounds like you all had a fantastic day. What a wonderful account of Australia day celebrations in Geraldton. I too got to sleep in, then off to a friends for the afternoon. We enjoyed a delicious bring & share BBQ then relaxed chatting the afternoon away. there were lots of Aussie flags decorating the patio & people, all very proud to be living in WA.

  2. We were at the foreshore in the evening too – what a great venue for this celebration. I was a bit worried when we turned up that it might get a bit rough but all the young-uns I saw were chilling like the rest of us.

    Finally Geraldton got something right! Courtney Murphy was fantastic and the fireworks the best ever. Well done to the organisers.

  3. Hope you like the fireworks! My partner was on the crew setting them off and we were there picking up the aftermath of a tonne of fireworks residue! Let me tell you, those pretty sparklers leave a lot of clean up!

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