Indulge your Senses

OMG how yummy do these look?  You really gotta try these from the Senses Cafe in Northgate…

My friend and fellow design team member Nat owns the cafe and we got together to take these photos to put up in her shop to ‘show’ just how delicious these are. Mmm, now to decide which to have… think I’d go the Vanilla over the Choc, but I’d prefer a Freddo, wonder if that’s allowed?


When ya down there next don’t forget to say you love the photo!


7 responses to “Indulge your Senses

  1. yummo!! pitty they are soooo not a healthy drink, I could have one every day!

  2. yum yum yum…..Dome cafe does a “Squashed Frog” where freddo is whizzed up in blender so you get little bits through your drink and a whole freddo on top- it’s Oliver’s fave but oh so sickly sweet! Give me a good ol’ Iced coffee anyday…..

  3. Yeh they look fabulous Tan!… thank you so mush for your photography expertise… hoping they sell the product for me.

    But Rach what do you mean they are unhealthy…????***!!!
    They have milk in them, so that’s lots of calcium!
    Good for ya ole bones girly!!!!!

    • yea, I know, & chocolate is a bean too, so its a vegetable etc. etc. but my dietition is not amused by my comments like that, if only it could taste soooooo gooood & have less than 10% fat & sugar we could have one every day, dreams are free,lol.

  4. Oh my god had to check it out omg what service and food omg i gunna have to book a tabble for me n the girls i called in2day not just looking for that scrummy ice coffee omg i had 1 of them cravings love chicken and avacado unfortunetly i couldnt c any but yummy salad then the ever so helpfull owner said i can put avacado in it for you thats no worrys omg they were buisy but no worrys they did it and omg the flavour the quanity the flavour its the best ever salad i eva tasted so hopefully they wont mind doing it for me again next week cause i bringing my friend try it out its 5 star service so what you need after a hard day shopping thank you sooo much i still full now 🙂

  5. Thanx Carrol… so glad you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you next week. Nat Perks

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