Surgery is set for March

Ok, so my head is out of the sand and I’ve stopped blinking in the sunlight. My sweet boy will be having his surgeries on March 11. Our surgery coordinator from Princess Margaret Hospital has been so helpful and we are all set for our tele video conference on Thursday. There we will talk through everything we will need to know, to discuss what we need to do, and to find out what to expect – the logistics of it all.
I do know he will be in hospital for around 5 days, and that we will need to stay nearby for 2 weeks. We have been given accommodation at Ronald McDonald House, just over the road. That’ll be a godsend. Andrew will be doing the nightshift and I will do the dayshift whilst he is in hospital, and for the remainder we will sit quiet at R MsD’s House to recover until we can go home. He will have plenty of pain management and we will be taught all the aftercare needs. He won’t be allowed to leave the hospital until he is stable, which should be around 5 days, depending on how he goes. I know what the surgeries are, and what they are aiming to achieve with these surgeries. I know that if he doesn’t have it, he will most definitely have more pain later, unrepairable damage will happen and I sure don’t want that. What a good incentive to take him.
David, Lauren, Mum & Wendy will all be helping with the care of my 3 precious children at home here so they can still go to school and live normally, as normal as normal can be for siblings of a brother like Josh. They worry too. I vividly remember the time when one came to me sobbing over a nightmare that Josh had died, and proceeded to tell me in detail what had happened (horrific – I will spare you the details) Lord, rip my heart out right there and then, I know his siblings love him and worry for him too. They will miss their Mum and Dad too, who will both be on their own rollercoaster of emotions.
Then there’s the kid himself. He’s blissfully unaware of everything going on around him. He’s happy – extremely happy – actually as I type this it’s 25 past midnight, and he’s flapping his legs about, shouting from his bed still, little brat.  He is so innocent, in every sense of the word, and I can’t help but look at him like you would an infant, so totally undeserving of the challenges he is continually given. No fear, no apprehension,  just the raw feelings of the basic instincts, he laughs and hollers and flaps his knees together when he is happy, he sits quiet when he is content, he whinges & kicks when something is wrong, he cries and thrashes when he is in pain. Simple as that. God I wish so much more for him.

 Say a little prayer for him will ya?


10 responses to “Surgery is set for March

  1. So glad things are starting to happen……..your little kiddos are in very capable hands, Josh is in very capable hands and you and Andrew have our support here in Perth as well. Everyone will be looked after and all will go well. It’ll be scary and I’m sure at times confronting but think of the long term result and that will give you the strength you need. Don’t ever forget you all have so much love and support around you.

  2. My prayers are always with you. Now I will include Josh with my special people.

  3. Tania you’re a superwoman having to deal with all that and still manage to run a wonderful business and a busy household. Lucky to have so many family and friends to support all of you. Best of luck…….

  4. Tan, what a sigh of relief for you to have a date. Your 3 little babies are in very safe, excited, fun filled hands. We’re going to have lots of fun while your away, its going to be GREAT! Josh will be fine, when he gets back he’s going to be a new boy. You both take care of yourself and let the Doctors and Nurses do what they do best, he’s in good hands. It will all be over before you know it and you’ll be back home having family dinner and getting your ass whooped at Risk. (I will be doing the whooping just so you know) Love you xoxo

  5. Will certainly say that extra prayer for you all, fingers and toes crossed for luck too…. you must be so relieved to have the date set….

  6. Thank you all for your love and support. I’ll keep you updated with our progress. Mwah!

  7. Hey Tan, big love and support from all of us too, will do my bit where and when needed also, and school? let me know if anything else I can do.. in my thoughts always and special love and hugs for Josh, it’s going to be very overwhelming! Be brave and strong for him too. mwah xx

  8. Thinking of you all sending lots of hugs and prayers. At least you have a little time to get yr head around all that will happen. Will be better when on the other side – after that can only get better. Lots of love and hugs xxx

  9. Yep we’re saying our prayers for ALL of you… keep your chins up and remember we’re here if you need a shoulder or you need me to sort the babysiter out while you are away.
    Keep smiling!!!

  10. Tania-Hope all goes well for you all.Im sure Josh will be fine.So pleased that tht accomodation in Perth is sorted and one less worry for you.If there is anything I can do to help you out please dont hesitate to let me know.We wlll remember you all in our prayers and Im sure the good Lord will watch over you all during this time.


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