In a spin

This morning we had our teleconference with the PMH team, as a pre-op appointment for Joshua’s surgery. There were 4 of us on one end and 5 on the other end, and if it wasn’t so serious it would have been a lot of fun. I do love technology and it’s quite amazing what is set up these days for patients. Josh was a roudy bugger and hogged the microphone, and they liked seeing him in his ‘typical’ behaviour. It was an hour long meeting, and I think if our Physiotherapist wasn’t needed elsewhere we probably could have talked longer, turns out there is plenty to talk about.

So, I’ve had the day to process most of it, and I am coming to terms with what will happen and how we will deal with it. We are lucky to be surrounded by supportive family and friends, so it eases the worries a lot. I have people everywhere wanting to,  trying to, or wishing they could; help.  Still I find tears in my eyes. The PMH team will do their best, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is major surgery and Joshua will experience considerable pain. His epidural will not mask everything and will be removed aroudn day 3. It’s 5 days in hospital, but prepare for longer and due to his diabetes he will be admitted the night before. He will be in plasters and wedges and the consequences of this and his day to day care at home (and getting him home)  is troubling me. Today it was suggested that we prepare in case he can’t come home from Perth until the wedges are off and that put me in a spin.

Andrew thinks I need some sleep to see things in a different perspective, and I quite agree. There are solutions to every problem, I just need to look past the problem I guess. Perhaps after a good night I might stop spinning. See you tomorrow.


7 responses to “In a spin

  1. Unfortunately nothing will stop the spinning. It’s what comes preloaded with motherhood (or fatherhood for that matter).

    We just have to be strong for each other and for Josh – and then we get to the other side of the problem.

    You’ve done it 1,000 times before and you probably need to do it 1,000 times more. It’s hard – but you get through. YOU get through. YOU are the strongest person I know. Yes we will all be here – it’s human nature to care for those that need it most.

    Love you sis.

  2. Can’t say anything better than what Chris said xxx

  3. I hope you had a good nights sleep and can see things clearer, put your usual “can do” hat on today, with Andrew by your side & all the love & support around you all you will get through this difficult situation. Always remember all you have to do is ask for or accept the many offers of practical help extended to you, thats what community is for & we move in a wonderful “scrapin community” full of caring people. Prayers, love & protection to you all, xxx.

  4. Hey Tania…
    Just remember some days have to be taken hour by hour and others have to be taken minute by minute…
    We can never tell what each day will bring so try ever so hard to not worry and just know that you and Andrew can deal with each situation the best way you can for both you two and Josh…
    Thinking of you

  5. Oh Tan,

    All i can say is that David and I are here for you all 100% just like you’ve been here for us.

    Love you xoxo

  6. what can I say? thank you is not enough. xxx

  7. Tania – we all know that you are strong so reach out for help as at times we all need a little helping hand. I don’t know what it is like to deal with things that you both have to every day. You are really an inspirational person in many ways and you will find a way through this.

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