On My Mind

This stinky little boy is on my mind a lot lately. Darn kid, he’s got me losing sleep again. Seems I didn’t get as much as I needed last night, and crashed after work. Ah, I do love a nap. Now refreshed I can take a deep breath and get on with it.

I am strong.

Someone very important to me wrote that to me recently. I cried when I read it, because at the time I did not feel strong. I felt like a phony, a fraud. Someone who just pretends this great exterior of being strong and brave and capable.  While I love that perception, it is embarrasing to reveal the true character that I am. I showed my weak self and felt like I had let my family down by not being the strong person they thought I was. How on earth could I care for everyone else if I couldn’t even care for myself.

That was yesterday, and today is a different day. Today I see that not only am I a Mum, but I am human. And it’s all those little weak moments that build you up to be stronger, and stronger I am.

yes. i. am. strong. Because of him, for him. Everything will be alright, (till next time i am feeling sooky again. 🙂 ) Just smack me will ya.


4 responses to “On My Mind

  1. Go Tania! You are strong! How many times YOU have helped me through tough times, you are such an inspiration to me. We all have times when life is difficult & feel like the strength has left us, but all we have to do is lean on others for a while, thats what friends are for, then when we are ready or the need arrises we dig deep & find that inner strength again. Love & prayers to you all, xxx.

  2. just finished watching the story of Trishna and Krishna….have faith Tan…there are some amazing surgeons out there, and they all want the same result as you…we will be thinking of you and yours and praying that everything will go well XOX

  3. Josh has the best parents any little boy could wish for and he’s in the thoughts and prayers of so many people . Tania, you and Andrew have the love and support of everyone .You are strong and very capable but it’s also quite okay to have moments of feeling down and worried and not at all a sign of weakness .
    We love you and are thinking of you .

  4. Thanks. Suxs being human sometimes,but that’s what makes life so interesting. Thanks for your encouragement. xxx

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