Cards Class

My desk is chock a block full of cardmaking stuff… it’s overflowed onto the bench behind me and I’ve filled up the trestle table we brought in. I have been under the pump to get these cards designed for the upcoming term and finding creativity difficult when it’s so noisy. I hoped when the kids went back to school and ‘normality’ set back in, I would be a goer again.
I love what I have done so far, but I haven’t finished. I will, I just have to stop procrastinating and DO IT.

Here’s the first card series for this term, Wednesdays, teaching watercolouring along with a whole lot of other basic stuff. I love that we are using the new Hero Arts stamps and the new embossing folders by Cuttlebug. Oh my goodness, I can do a whole term of classes on the new stamps and folders, I have to hold myself back.  If you are interested in a couple of hours of cardmaking fun you can still book. There is room in the morning class for one more, and plenty of places in the afternoon class.


2 responses to “Cards Class

  1. I love love love those new butterfly stamps!

  2. these cards are so beautiful! they are even better than they look, The display at work really shows them well.

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