Bed rails

We have them for a reason.

The reason?

To stop people falling on the floor. Simple.


It’s a long way down to the floor from Child #1’s bed to the floor, and he can’t protect himself, so it’d hurt lots. It’d hurt more than havin ya head stuck on the railing. not that this looks comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. He somehow turned and ended up like this before I checked in on him as I was going to bed.

Now child #4 just came by as I was typing this and says I am CRUEL for taking a photo of #1 like this. “Aw Mum, you are so CRUEL”, he says,” why didn’t you rescue him instead of taking his photo?”.
Well, he was asleep, so it was no drama, and the rail was only just resting by his head. I should have known earlier when I heard the all so common scraping of his feet on the walls. Funny kid.

We have walked by his roomin the past to find his head HANGING out backwards… now that’s a drama and I wouldn’t make him wait whilst I got the camera.


One response to “Bed rails

  1. I can relate to that Tania. My kid’s have bed guards and they end up in all sorts of bother. I have never thought of getting the camera but now thanks to you I will remember to take photo’s.

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