Good news

A letter came for me from the hospital with information regarding Joshua’s upcoming ‘trip’ there and our discussion at the tele conference with the team.

Tears immediately came to the surface as I read the good news that the surgeon had given permission for his knees to be bent. This means that he will be able to travel home on a commercial flight. This means that he won’t have to stay 6 weeks 400 kilometres from home. This meant that I won’t have to leave my youngest 3 for more than 2 weeks.
Oh the relief. Joshua will recouperate better at home I am sure and now I know we’ll all be able to be together after 2 weeks.
You see (as any of you who regularly read my ranting and ramblings would know), I am a bit of sook when it comes to leaving my babies. Even though my babies are not babies anymore, leaving them for a length of time has always been difficult for me.
I don’t mean I am crying in the carpark at school, (I stopped that when they were in Kindy), I just mean that I am very attached to my family and I miss them if I have to go away. I know they are happy, I know they are safe, it’s just that I miss them. I need them near, all of them. If we are apart for too long it feels as if part of me is missing, and I am no longer whole. I know that’s silly, but that’s just me… crazy, imperfect and female.
So the feeling of relief was so great when I read that the surgeon had given permission.

Small mercies.


4 responses to “Good news

  1. I can totally relate Tan…. when Elodie has to go to PMH for her appointments, even though its only for a couple of days, even though its mostly just checkups, even though nothing drastic is happening….we all go together. We take Brydee out of school and Kim takes time off work and we all go…..

  2. Great news Tania -better for every body xxx

  3. Yay Tan, What a sigh of relief!

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