Last Born

He’s a whole lot of love wrapped up in a bundle of annoyance. He doesn’t listen and drives me crazy with his quirkiness, but he’s ever so cute and oh boy he loves his family!

He is always the one to give me the brightest smile when I bring out the camera, he knows that smiles for the camera make the Mamma happy. He likes to see me happy. He will sit and cuddle and he will sit and create with me for as long as I would allow it.

The first day of school he happily posed for the traditional photo and suggested a “Aw Mummm” photo, here’s what I got. Too cute! Just love that pose… oh and the rolled eyes!

I realise I took all my first day of school photos on the wrong setting… might have to go back and take some more (much to their delight I am sure) I should probably weed the grass out of the garden first too, an pick up the cr*p in the background whilst I am at it.

And on Valentines Day… this was from him.

I would think I am the luckiest Mamma in the world to have this hand fashioned heart to sit on my computer desk. It’s made from a product called Model Magic (by Crayola), it’s a soft pliable foam-like substance that air dries. My lot love this magic stuff, but you have to make sure to seal it up good and proper and remove any air from the packet, otherwise it’ll dry in the bag.  It’s extremely light and flexible and very tidy, and a Mamma’s gotta love that.


One response to “Last Born

  1. HAHA, he looks like his father in that photo. He is beautiful normally, love all those cuddles i get from that gorgeous boy. xoxo

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