Forms to fill in

Remind me again why I wanted so many children? As a mother of four children I have come to realise that there are an awful lot of forms to fill out. There is always a note for this kid or a newsletter for that kid on my desk. Sometimes they just pile up and I forget about them.

There was one very important form I was not allowed to forget about. I was reminded about this form approximately 9.5 times per day, all at inappropriate times too, I might add. This all important form was due in Friday and I am going for “Mother of the Year” here, it’s already in! The reason it was so important? It is the CAMP form, just the most exciting thing to EVER happen at school… ever.

But the comment from my #4 child as I was filling this form out just cracked me up. I had got to the section about giving permission in an emergency for my child to be transported by car or ambulance to hospital.

He begged, “Please please plEEEEEEEse, please say yes to the ambulance… I have never ridden in an ambulance before”. It was as if this itself was part of the attraction of going on camp… he’d get to ride in an ambulance. Silly funny boy. I sure hope he does NOT get to ride in an ambulance.


3 responses to “Forms to fill in

  1. HAHA, pure innocence.

  2. all boy! go child #4, hope you enjoy your camp, however im with mum, not so exciting for a mum to have a child in an ambulance.

  3. Hehehe Mother of the Year hey, gotta love em dont you, they just say the funniest things.

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