It’s sew easy… not.

My Ma would be proud of me… I’ve cranked up the old sewing machine and am busy making curtains for the boys room. I couldn’t stand looking at the broken blinds a moment longer. Last year for Halloween one of the boys said that it looked good now Mum, the year before it looked like a “haunted house”, this year it looks like an “abandoned house”. Just brilliant… not quite the look one is aiming for.

So, the broken wooden slats are gone, and in their place are the white holland blinds, thanks to the King for succumbing to the badgering and putting them up for me, and I am making fabric curtains too. Nice bright red ones. My fingers have holes in them, even my toe was pin pricked as the weight of the fabric fell to the floor whilst sewing. I’m tired, but I’m plodding on. I’ve run out of heading tape now so I can’t finish the last drop, the last piece of tape is a dodgy bit, it’s pinned together in the middle so I need to take it back and get more. I really wanted to be done by now, but it’s not meant to be. It’s actually a lot of working out, cutting and sewing when you get down to it, and there are 2 windows in their room, so I needed 4 curtains, from 6 drops. Make sense? It didn’t to me either, but I have it sussed now. I just wished I had it finished.

Why is there not enough hours in the day?

And while we are on that subject… Why are there not enough days in the week?

So, I will put it aside… like everything… another ‘work-in-progress’ while I do things like sleep and work. Geez, the things ya have to do.

Here’s the boring new blind. At least that’s functional. Boring, but it works. Watch this space in the near future for the fabulous bright red curtain to cover it.


2 responses to “It’s sew easy… not.

  1. YAHOO go Tan! Good luck with that. I know how frustrating i can be (that dam dog blanket too me forever) I’ll keep my eye out for the red.

  2. Wow, I’m uber-impressed – curtains scare the crap outta me!!

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