The usual

So, what have I been up to? Oh you know… twins birthday parties, 21st birthday celebration, planning for my son’s surgery. The usual. Sleepovers, sewing curtains, making card classes, design team planning and work too.

Well, it’s usual that life is hectic. It’s usual that I burn the candle at both ends. I am trying very hard to keep it all going these days and there has been a few days where I thought I might just falter. But so far I have the charade going well, all is good and I am coping. The floors aren’t mopped, but we are coping.

We have been planning classes for next term and also making sure everything is right for when I go away, you know I have a tendency to leave things till the last-minute, and I just can’t do that to the girls in my absence. Everything needs to be up to date and beyond.. and that’s a tough call for me. There is still a mountain on my desk!

Then there’s the home stuff – trying to hang out with the kids as much as possible, I even took them to the beach on the stinking hot weekend. Mamma even swam. Now that’s something ya don’t see every day. On Friday I had a few odd jobs to do and by lunchtime I had been to 14 places! That was a productive day, with lots of cross-offs on my never-ending list.

Still trying to finish up organising the trip for Josh, pretty well done, all except the flights now, seeing the PATS officer soon, and that will only take a day to do, and organising his continence supplies (that’s fun – not).  One week to go. Count down. This time next week I will be a bundle of nerves, and most probably will be packing still.

Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog front, I had full intention to post, but time just gets away from me and right now spending a couple of hours with my kids on the couch is more important to me. You understand.

Got some stories to tell about the past few days.. the washing incident, the boys birthday, Miss L’s 21st, and our fabulous classes. I’ll be bored stiff at the hospital so you’ll hear so much from me then that you’ll be sick to death of me!

For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from Miss L’s 21st party . Charming ladies aren’t they! I wasn’t in on that at all. At all. 🙂

Would you believe this boy is over his balloon fear? It would seem so. As long as they are not likely to pop that is.  


3 responses to “The usual

  1. Haha, what a fantastic night. I had an absolute BALL! Its nice to see that the only photo’s you put up of the night were carefully chosen. hehe xoxo

  2. Noice! Happy Birthday Lauren xxx

  3. Looks like a brilliant time was had by all!

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