21 years

Ok she’s an adult now. No more mucking around, no more silly immature pranks. Yeah right. This is Miss L we are talking about.

I couldn’t really leave you with just those choice photos from Miss L’s 21st birthday party, so here are a few more.

With my baby brother, Mr D, otherwise known as The Skipper. He loves her. She does his washing.

With her Ma and her Pa. Otherwise known as Reeny and The Old Bastard. (oh that sounds just awful, I never said that) They are so proud of her, and Miss L was so happy that they could make it to her big night.

Lotsa cake, meringue pie and slice. No calories in that butter frosting. None at all.

Child #4 moved in for the big kiss… and landed it! What a dude.

Child #2 baked. Oh heavenly. She looked sweet too, but I didn’t take any decent photos of her 😦 stoopid me.

It would seem I was too busy taking random shots like this.

We did have a lot of fun though, and the Spalding Park Golf Club was a terrific venue with absolutely beautiful staff. Might have my 40th there… you are all invited! It’s a risk though, I cannot promise that My King will not sing. Believe me it wasn’t pretty.


4 responses to “21 years

  1. Who needs to hire a band when the King’s around ? It looks like a great night was had by all. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY Lauren.

  2. I LOVE all the photo’s. What a fantastic night we all had. No more jokes for me, im a mature adult now. hehe xoxo

  3. Sexy Lauren's Mum

    Thankyou, thankyou for a wonderful night Tania and for this blog as it goes all around Australia and to N.Z. I know you were the driver to some excellent suggestions which inturn became a wonderful 21st celebration that especially Lauren loved. The cake was a magnificent work of taste and skill and Emily the profiteroles where beautiful but not as beautiful as the way you looked and I’ve got photos to prove it. Andrew we left too early to hear your performance but I believe it was a memorable moment. Daniel you absolutely had the ‘Chick Magnet’ on cause you got the big kiss and man Matthew, you looked amazing, you don’t need a chick magnet cause you already had it going ‘ON’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks love Ken and Irene Scully x x

    • I did have an awsome time. I would like to thank a few people also: Judy for the chips and dips, Lee-Anne for her lovely rice salad, Nat Perks & Sences Cafe for the Caeser Salad and Lemmon Merange Pie, Tim Perks for his ‘connection’, The Spalding Golf Club for a wonderful venue, staff and night, Tania for her cake and all her support and Andrew for ‘fathering’ me when i needed it and last but not least to David, for being a fantastic boyfriend and a great support. A big thanks to everyone else who i have forgotten to mention (sorry). It was so lovely to see everyone who came from near far, i had a fantastic night and i hope everyone else did too. xoxo

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