Why is it that I have fifteen projects on the go at once, and another fifteen in my mind that I want to start, and another fifteen that I ‘should’ have done instead.

The curtains went up very quickly which was good. The hems on the bottom need fixing before I can completely say ‘they are done’ but it’s close enough for me for now. Finishing off is low on my priority list right now. Getting the machine out to sew actual real fabric for a purpose is an effort to be proud of in my book anyhow.

They have been up for a while now and I have noticed a few things.

1. Curtains are brilliant noise reducers. (I want every window and every wall in my home to be covered in curtains now)

2. The blend of curtains, blinds and ‘sheers’ (Don’t know their real name) blocks the right amount of light. From light, to private, to really dark.  (thanks to my friend Jacquie for her valuable help on deciding which way to go)

3. Blinds make cool projector backgrounds. And with the red curtains by the sides, it feels just like the theatre. Well, maybe not ‘just’ like it, but cool anyway. Child #4 bought himself a $34 state-af-the-art projector with his birthday money today. Well, maybe not state-of-the-art, but cool anyway. 🙂

I enjoyed doing this project myself. It’s not my first; I made some years ago with the swag at the top and there was plenty of math skill involved in that one! Not my strong point, but I was pretty happy with the result of  many hours of work. This would look way too frilly in the boys room don’t you think?

So, do you like the red? It was a pretty bold colour choice. I don’t think Mum liked them, she didn’t say much. The boys however, are thrilled. Shoulda heard Child #3 as he ran his fingers over them, saying with such awe “Oh Mum, I can’t believe you MADE these… they are so good. It must have taken a lot of cotton to weave all those thousands of threads into this. You are the best Mum in the world”.

No… I made the curtains… not the fabric, but yes… I’ll take the best Mum comment. I’ll take that for anything, anyday.


5 responses to “Curtains

  1. Awesome job Tania! I LOVE the red but the main thing is that the boys like it too…….I might sew more than you do lately but I’m not brave enough to tackle curtains! Maybe you’ve inspired me to make a new curtain for the laundry to replace the one the puppy has chewed…..

  2. Love the red and it’s importanct for the boys to like/love them. Found out only recently that number one son HATED “YAH MUM TOTALLY HATED” the greens I used in his room for years, and I thought they looked so good. Wish I thought to ask or was that listen to him about it. Yours are just so good

  3. Well done Tania, its a big job & you did it, (well almost) but at least you have done the majority of the task. See why it costs sooooooo much to have them made, the whole process is rather involved & you worked it all out. You saved heaps of money doing it yourself, they look great! plus the boys love them so what else matters?? All in all, a job very well done!!!

  4. very impressive!!!

  5. I LOVE the boys room !!!

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