Sometimes we are more sensitive than other times. I don’t quite know the logical reasoning behind this, I am sure Dr Carl would have plenty of suggestions. He’s a pretty sharp dude that Dr Carl.

Like, why is your face more sensitive to heat than, say, your arm? My girl jarred her finger the other day, (poor baby, it hurt) and of course a Mother uses all her loving skills to soothe the boo boo (besides laughing at her and saying “sucked in”). If you put that jarred daughters finger up to the cheek of her ever-loving Mother, she would feel the heat coming from the finger where you couldn’t feel it elsewhere. So why is the skin on your face more sensitive? And why is it ok for the Daddy to joke and say “sucked in” and it’s not ok for the Mamma?

I don’t know… it’s just the way it is. That’s that. Mamma’s are just meant to be sympathetic and Mammas don’t always know “why”, but they just know.

Just the way I know my whole family is sensitive right now and I am the leader of the emotionally-sensitive pack right now. It’s difficult to wipe the tears of your child and not shed some of your own. I am trying really hard to be uplifted and keep up the pace, but I know those close to me are feeling it right now. It’s hard having to leave half of my family behind, my babies,  and not see them for 2 weeks, longer than we’ve ever been separated before.

Right now I am sensitive, can’t help it. It’s just the way it is. And if I wasn’t feeling this way I think that would be of more concern.

I send my 2 babies off to school camp in 7 hours time (oh my, I need to get some sleep) and I won’t see them for 17 days. Give me strength, that’s a LONG time without my boys. My noisy, rowdy, don’t-listen-to-me boys. The ones I hollered at tonight to brush their teeth, the ones I fought with this afternoon to get their room clean. They ones I could bang their heads together as they bickered with each other. Yes, those boys. The ones who helped take out the rubbish, who cleaned the bathroom, who emptied the dishwasher and cuddle me till I can’t breathe. Those boys.

Man, I am gonna have to drop them and run to hide in the morning.


5 responses to “Sensitive

  1. I so know where youre coming from Tan…..brings tears to my eyes thinking of you.

  2. Oh Tan all you have to think about is their gorgeous little faces that i saw when i asked them about camp. They lit up with such excitment and eagerness for this Monday morning. They were so excited, they will have a ball. It’ll make it easier for you to pack also, get yourself organised for Perth. xo

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