Joshy is all ready to go. He’s splashed and enjoyed the last bath he’ll get for a very long time and he’s set to have his Ma & Pa all to himself for 2 whole weeks.

All packed, all organised. Had a few phonecalls, messages, emails and visits from special people with well wishes for Joshua. So loved. That little stinky boy. Love you guys. xxx

The other three are being well cared for by Mr D and Miss L. I tell you, she dropped from the sky and into our laps that one. I better be a SUPER Aunt when she has rugrats. I have a lot to live up to. We also have a great Nanna on our side, and Aunty Wendy to collect after school and to get them to do their homework <groan>and put their clothes away. If it wasn’t for these guys things would be different. I am very grateful.

The shop has some major SALES planned for whilst I am away next week, no doubt Rachel will be clearing out stock left, right and centre. If you want a bargain, make a trip to see the girls next week.

Will keep you posted on Joshua’s progress. We fly out on the first flight in the morning for PMH to have bloods done, and he’ll be admitted that arvo or night. Andrew will drive and meet us. Surgery is Thursday.


6 responses to “Ready

  1. Can’t wait to see you three….although I wish the circumstances were different xxx

  2. Julie Marchetti

    Prayers, Hugs and all the rainbow wishes to you all….
    Tania always remember there will be so many people thinking of you as you do all that you have to do each day.

  3. Thinking of you, Andrew and especially Joshua. Hope all goes well and you are back before too long. Hugs Wishes and Rainbow kisses…….

  4. The 4 of us wish you guys all the very best! Look 4wd to u being home again!

  5. Love and prayers. You all will be in my thoughts tomorrow especially. Hope it all runs as smooth as can be.

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