Joshua looked fairly comfortable today when I came in, although itchy and irritable. I saw the anaesthetist, he said most probably a side-effect & he’ll give him something for that, and leave him comfortable on the drugs he is on. I keep worrying that they are going to make him “go it alone” without medication, and that hasn’t been the case.


Today I saw past Joshua’s room & I noticed that this hospital is full of children, all sick & healing – all requiring love and care. There are tired parents, hopeful parents and agitated parents. They all love their kids, are devoted to them. I’ve chatted in the kitchen as I made my tea, rather than grabbing it & heading straight back to Josh’s side. I’ve stopped to say hello and was pleasantly surprised as it turns out that the Mum I said good morning to – turns out – we have a lot in common when it comes to our children. Funny how things go like that. It’s not everyday in Geraldton that I’d chat with someone who has a type 1 diabetic child. She has an 11yr old in hospital and immediately we had a connection and she knew I’d understand when she spoke to me about her daughter’s condition and latest hospital admission. It’s not everyday in Geraldton that I’d chat with someone like this, who when I begin to talk about my child in hospital, also has an understanding, as she has a 14yr old just like Josh at home. She had been walking past and hearing “the boy in 6”, & every time her heart gave a little pang as he could be her own son one day. Josh even looks like him she said. They are dreading the day the Hip Surveillance Clinic says he needs this surgery, and I instantly felt sad that she might have to go through this too. The depressing realities of children with disabilities .My brief conversation with her was easy and strangely comforting.

By morning tea time, Joshua was making noises, but this time they were “Joshy noises”. It lifts my spirits to hear, although the nurses are concerned something was wrong, I assured them they are good noises. Funny how I can tell the difference, not sure exactly what they are, but they are definitely different.

He has had a change of shirt and bed sheets, which is always a drama. It takes 3 of us to roll him, which hurts so it can only be done when necessary, but it’s nice to be fresh and clean. He whinges for a fair while afterwards and needs a bolus of medication.

The teeth grinding was less today as he was more restful, but he managed to get the finger probe wire caught in his mouth, he bit down on it and pulled it off his finger. This is the one that monitors the heart rate and oxygen levels. It was very well taped down as he flicks about and gets caught up all the time. When I looked up, (I was right there holding his other hand and looking down) well in seconds, he had cut it with his teeth, through the plastic casing and down to the wires! It was very funny, to see him with the wires hanging out of his mouth, so innocent. So now, he has a new probe on his toe.

We had dinner at Ronald McDonald House tonight again; another group came in to cook for everyone here. There are different groups sometimes 3 times during the week. Tonight was the staff from Holiday Inn at Burswood. What a fabulous job they did, beautiful meal and it was nice to see everyone out together on a Sunday. We made a point of coming back to the house for dinner, and were glad we did, otherwise we would have stayed on the ward for sure. The hours slip by so quickly. I thought I’d have time for scrapbooking, blogging and work too. I had planned to do my newsletter, but haven’t been able to get my head into it. I don’t have internet connection, so each night I am copying and pasting from my laptop to a usb and heading down to the computer that takes $2 coins for internet. I upload it there and that’s working just fine. But only for my Joshy updates, which is all I feel like doing right now. Work can wait.

Except one thing, Dani and Rachel are having a SALE – I shudder to think what they’re up to, but I am sure you will get yourself a bargain. It’s wonderful that they are keeping the till ticking over and the classes running whilst I am away, I really can rest easy with them in control.

See ya tomorrow.



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  1. Hello there, glad to hear Josh is making “Josh noises” & that you are getting to mix with others around you, how is Andrew doing? Spent a couple of hours at work today setting up for the sale almost done, going in early tomorrow to sort the last few things & tidy up, will stay & help Dani if needed (she is expecting it to be busy) things are running smothly so far, take care. xxx

  2. You sound like you are doing amazing.Hope all is well.Look at your blog often dont know how you can write so well when you are under stress.
    Hope your little man gets better every day
    Looking forward to seeing you back in Gero
    Best wishes

  3. Julie Marchetti

    Good to see colour in Josh and that he is making those noises that us mums know…
    keep smiling :))

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