Monday from PMH

Both drips failed today, one in each hand, but the nurses managed to get another iv up with little trouble before I got here. Andrew left the nurses to it – he just can’t watch them do that. Strange – he gives him needles every day and deals with poop and the like, but he can’t do iv. He says that it’s not the blood or the needle, it’s that it hurts his boy.

Andrew high-tailed it out of here when I got here this morning before 8,(the changing of the guard), seems both boys didn’t sleep much.

I noticed the new iv leaking soon after, and a nurse went to get Josh’s nurse – but didn’t come for ages. And ages. There I was… holding his bleeding arm wondering if she would ever return. He was in a nice mess by the time she got to us and exclaimed she was told it was a ‘small leak’. Well, it was quite impressive, sodden through his bandages to the sheets and if I had my camera and a free hand I would have taken a photo, but I couldn’t even reach the ‘call nurse’ button without letting him go and he was flailing all over the place. Turns out the site was ok TG, and the cannula had just come loose, so she saved it and bandaged him up again, changed his sheets again, luckily red shirts don’t show blood stains so much.

I went to make my breakfast (2 seconds away) and when I came back he had more blood on his face. What a mess. He’s taken to whacking his face with quite a lot of force & had given himself a blood nose.

His noises are weird. Kind of distressed sounding as he sucks in air –like one of those party whistles – to a low moan like a cow. They might be weird noises, but they are not pain noises – they’re talking about dropping his medication down from iv and supplementing orally if need be. I am nervous that he will cry. I hate it when he cries.

His tummy is so hard, really needs some movement to get his bowels going, and he’s had plenty of help both ends, but no action.

We have had a lovely pair of visitors to chat with today – its always nice to see familiar faces. Little O had his ‘tethacope’on, he is aspiring to be a Dr. today. So cute.

By 3 pm Josh had calmed down and I realised how sore my shoulders were as I finally sat in the big comfy chair we have. Time goes by so quickly when you are checking levels, holding lines, fixing kinks, changing pads, lifting, rolling, feeding & just general cleaning up and care. I didn’t realise but I’d been on my feet for hours. It’s easy to forget about lunch too – but they still had sushi at the cafeteria, (my staple diet this week for lunch) but did you know… they do not sell soft drink here on the hospital premises. OMG. I have gone without my beloved Diet Coke for too long. Probably why I was asleep at 9 pm last night, wonders never cease. 9pm.. me… bed… true story.

The rest of the afternoon went better; at long last he slept and stopped making those awful noises. So nice to see him asleep. Oh, can you see we changed rooms too?

The Physiotherapist was called again as he is getting chesty being so immobile, and we are siting him up as much as possible. His oxygen levels go low when he sleeps, so he’s on low oxygen for the night. We were hoping to have him sitting upright today, and even out of bed, but not to be. His body is just not ready yet. I just knew it when the Dr. said that it’d 5 days or more, that it would be ‘more’ for my little man.

So, he’s doing ok, we’re all doing ok. (I got my 10 minutes of sunshine for lunch) and I even got a call from my darling hubby that my boyfriend was on TV and to turn it on. I hadn’t turned it on the whole time we were here, but I’d definitely turn it on for Patrick Jane.

Andrew is doing his best to keep the humour, as always. Here’s his Shrek impersonation… with two urinals. I know I know… I’m lucky to have him.


6 responses to “Monday from PMH

  1. Go Andrew, keep up the fun & games!! Hummm Patric James, I missed it as I was at Sketch class tonight. Had a good time with Sandra, Peta, Jo, Diana, Threasa & Nat. Took photos of thier layouts so will get Alan to help me upload to Ning site tomorrow evening. All is tonking along well. Chatt soon, love to you three xxx

  2. You really had a full on day didn’t you. Here’s hoping Josh has a less eventful Tuesday.
    Love to you all

  3. So happy to be able to come and see you both today……Oliver’s been talking about Joshua’s “sore knees” and has even been making the same Joshie noises……he even told his day care teacher this morning that Josh is in hospital with “sore knees” 🙂

  4. Hmmmm, yes ‘lucky’ is a word you could use to describe that. I have a few others for him if you like?? Miss you heaps, xoxo

  5. Hi Tan… Hi Shrek! How ya going? Wasn’t the same last night without you Tan but we still managed a few laughs!
    My gawd there are some super specials at the shop… Go Rach! Everyone better get down there… love the stamps… they will go quick! We need to send the boss away more often!

    Hee hee!!!!

  6. Way to go u 2. Life with Andrew is never dull. What no diet coke.

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