He smiled

 Routines are so easily set in place aren’t they? I get up – I shower – I head to the hospital. I know the walk there, it’s taken a couple of days, but I have begun to take more notice of my surroundings instead of being intent on ‘just getting there’. I notice now what I am walking on, not just down the stairs, but the colour of the carpet, how soft the lino is, to the larger rounded paving bricks outside, how tall the trees are and the noisy parrots that live in them. There is a park over there, and people walking with their knapsacks are all heading somewhere for their own day to begin. My closed in world is widening, it’s lovely to ‘feel’ again.

It’s a blessing being at Ronald McDonald House – nothing else matters. No cooking, no shopping, no house-stuff. Just get yourself up and get going to get to your kid. It really takes the pressure off. All the families here are going through their own traumatic time, we are all different, from the older mothers to the 7ft aboriginal man, to the young parents, some with kids here, some with kids in hospital, but all the same, there’s that level of understanding between us.

Josh greeted me with a smile and a laugh this morning. Albeit a pathetic pained laugh, but it is uplifting to hear. He’s much more awake and is not agitated at all today. I was very happy to see him smile for the first time in forever.

I took a video of him, but can’t work out how to upoad a MP4 here and I only get 15 minutes online for my 2 bucks. It was cute, with a little laugh, you’ll just have to imagine you can hear him.

Our Doctor is happy with Joshua’s recovery and is responding normally as expected. He never said it would be easy, but it will end. He explained how he controversially avoided full pelvic surgery, which in his opinion, is not needed for Josh if this works. I feel confident that he has Joshua’s best interest at heart.

He still looks pale,(he’s always pale though) his haemoglobin is low (was 144, now 74) but we will hold of doing a transfusion for the moment, as there are other problems associated with that and Dr is certain Josh will make it up himself soon enough. I don’t even know how low that low is, but I am sure they won’t put him at risk & they are doing their very best to help him back to normality. His temp is fine now; Dr also explained that it’s not unusual for kids to throw temps after this kind of surgery due to the haematoma on the hips.

The physiotherapist has been visiting and trying to get his lungs filling better, as well as moving him to a more upright position for his lungs and his bowels. It’s really nice to have him sitting up. She wore Easter Bunny ears today and he thought that was funny. I learned how to do physio on his legs… and he won’t break. I worry as he looks so fragile, but she assures me with those steel pins I won’t be breaking him in a hurry. He tolerates being rolled better today too.

His iv anaesthetic was taken down today and he is on oral meds, 2 more lines to take down and he’ll be free. He likes having his favourite hand back, although it’s been hitting him lately. Naughty hand!

Dr said Josh would be able to be out of here by early next week, and is happy for us to be discharged to Geraldton hospital perhaps even earlier, depending on how he goes.

He’s changed rooms again… this time he’s in a quiet back room; hopefully Andrew gets more sleep there.


9 responses to “He smiled

  1. So glad today was a better day. A step forward each day and we will have you all home before we know it. Hope Andrew had a good nights rest.

  2. Things are looking good!

  3. Julie Marchetti

    Tania and Andrew…I am so happy to see both Josh and yourselves looking good.
    Josh sitting up and you guys smiling…so good to see.

  4. Hi Tania, so good to see you smiling. Glad that Josh is a little better and Andrew can get some rest. Things really are looking up. Rachel and Dani are doing a great job at the shop. See ya. xox

  5. Looking much better in these photos!! all of you!!…hopefully he will keep on recovering at a good pace and you can soon be home all together again…XOXO

  6. So looking forward to seeing you all home again.
    From the bit I have seen, the kids here are being really good. David and Lauren have fantastic control of it all. I am proud of how they are both managing so well. I am pleased the 3 littley’s are being so well behaved for them. They natuarally miss you three but seem adjusted to the situation very well. Love always, with a special big kiss for Josh, Mum xxx

  7. Glad that Josh is so much better… he’s looking so much better!
    Saw Lauren and one Littlely boy today(don’t ask me which one!) she said they have been delightful and she doesn’t want to give them up… cool eh? (OR MAD!!!)
    Looking 4wd to seeing you next week! Love to you all !
    NAT xox

  8. sorry I didnt post last night, was so tired when i got home, didnt even check in, slept in thismorning but everything is tomking along. great to see you all looking well, great news that you might be home sooner than expected, i bet you are/ will be releaved when that happens, love to you all xxx

  9. Reading your site makes us realise how lucky we have been with our children. You are a very special family and our best wishes go out to you

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