His plaster casts were removed today, his surgeon checked the wounds and posture of his feet, then he was cast for new AFO’s (a mould of his feet in the desired position, as neutral as possible) then he was recast with a new set of plasters.

This was quite an ordeal and took up most of the morning.

He was dosed up before we went, and he has now had a nice bedside tour of the hospital as he has been on different levels for different procedures. Today, it was the plaster room, then we moved to the physio room as he was on his bed still and easier to move around.

The plasters that were donned after surgery needed to come off first. The saw that came out nearly had me feinting, Andrew protected Joshua’s ears, but I was more worried that she would cut right through, slip and cut his leg! Heart failure. I couldn’t look and had to just trust that she would be careful. It looked and sounded so dangerous.

Turns out, as she demonstrated on her own palms, that the saw doesn’t spin, it oscillates, going back and forward, and it doesn’t cut the skin. When she ran it against the inside of her hand, there were no marks. The worst it would do is give a burn. I wish I knew that before she started, but I guess that a high pulse is not always a bad thing.

It wasn’t pleasant taking the casts off, but he did better than expected. I guess good drugs have a lot to do with it, but medicated right and he handles it so well. By the end of it he was having naps.

The second procedure was fitting him for AFO’s, which is a plaster cast that goes on, then quickly comes off, cut down the front. They will use that to make a set of AFO’s that fit perfectly to encourage his feet to a more ‘normal’ position. It will be padded in the bony areas for pressure care, and built flat to allow for standing and shoe fitting further down the track.

His old AFO’s he will no longer wear, not that he tolerated them very much. He will be glad to see them go away. His news ones will be camo pattern, in navy. Pretty cool. Hopefully it will all be more comfortable and he can wear them for longer throughout the day.

The last thing he needed was to be cleaned up and recast with his new plaster, a synthetic material, like fibreglass. The bandage is basically wet and rolled in place, smoothing as you go to be sure for a comfortable fit. The top coat on the first one was Glow-in-the-dark. His brothers are sure to love that. This was difficult to fit right, as he has such a small foot, and the glow-in-the-dark only came in the large bandage, so the second leg was left with just the white. I might just scrapbook them anyway. They are not nice and smooth like the original plaster, so it’s not a nice surface to write on, but I am sure we can figure something out. That’s what stickers were made for hey?

Andrew and I went out for lunch today. Out of the hospital! It was nice, then headed back to do some washing and had a little Nanna nap before being called back to the hospital.

This afternoon we did some more hoist training, to be able to get him in and out of bed. That wasn’t very nice for Josh as his meds had run out, and it hurt him quite a lot. So, we put him back, dosed him up and tried again later with more success. He’s very sleepy though now.

We had visitors tonight, Chris, Louise and Little Oliver. It’s all a bit scary for Little O here on the ward, with Josh looking out of it, but he braved a high five for sleepy Josh and when we went out for Dinner tonight he turned back to his usual talkative self. The Princess Margaret Hospital staff have all been excellent. They really have looked after Joshua (and us) so very well. For something so major for us, they have all made it as nice as possible. I must admit, staying at RMcD house really took the pressure off though, and I am so glad we were fortunate enough to have a room there, being so close to the hospital.

There is a plan in place to discharge Josh to Geraldton Regional Hospital over the next few days for the remainder of his post op recovery. This is way better than I hoped for when we first booked this admission as originally he would be here for 2 weeks, although we did think it would be 5 – 9 days in hospital, the rest in RMcD house, but even there at RMcD, I don’t think we would cope with all that Joshua requires. He really needs to be in hospital. Geraldton is a much better option. If all goes to plan we will be home Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon. Of course, I am hoping for Friday, that’s tomorrow.

Look out Geraldton – here we come!


6 responses to “Casting

  1. So good to be able come and see you three again before you go home- if you have to stay the weekend we might be able to come again……Yes, Oliver finds the hospital a bit foreign and scary- I’ve never had to even take him to the doctor for anything other than his needles, let alone hospital, in all his 3 1/2 years- so grateful for that. But rest assured he still talks about Josh’s “sore knees” and he hopes he gets better real soon.

  2. So hope you will all be home in the next couple of days. Will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.
    Have a good day

  3. LOoking 4wd to catching up with you guys again when you get home and no doubt the kids will be over the moon to see you all. We’ve got our fingers crossed for your speedy return.

  4. sounding good Tan….fingers crossed XX

  5. hope you get to come back to geraldton soon, I know how much you would like for that to happen, all is going well at the shop, got Nats class packed today & caught up on lots of bits-n-pieces, travel safe, xxx

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