Still here

It’s impossible to hide my disappointment and the tears have been bubbling at the surface most of the day.

I am tired. I miss my children. I want to come home.

I was so sure we would be travelling today, the flight was booked, and we were just waiting on the okay from Geraldton Regional Hospital. The discharge co-ordinator arranged to meet me at 7am, and we would be leaving at 7.30am. I barely slept but was up early and on the ward. As I neared the nurses station, she was there waiting for me, with a sweet but sorry look in her eyes. She knew how much I wanted to go, and tried her best, but GRH is full. I thought I would see my babies today. Damn.

I just couldn’t pick myself up today and the staff must have noticed as a few came in for chats, even if they weren’t ‘on’ Josh today. It was a long day. Andrew slept this afternoon and now we have swapped for the night shift.

While Josh slept we went to the Independent Living Centre to see some options for bed/bath/transport for Joshua, which was interesting. There are so many wheelchairs! We didn’t realise but it’s appointment only, and each appointment is 2 hours, so we will fit it in with our next visit to Perth. We did have a little look around and then the hospital rang and said they’d feed Joshua so we could stay out a little longer. We went to a nearby Harvey Norman store & did a little window shopping. I found some things I liked…

Like the $2399 leather office chair. Oooh, I could do some serious computer work at that one. We’d like one in white for the Queen and one in black for the King.

The displays were beautiful, I loved these lights…


And didn’t quite know what to make of this lamp.


This door would look awesome in someone’s patio. It’s way too cool for mine though.


Miss L needs this


And my princess needs this


and this

although, I think the pooches would get the most enjoyment from them.


And how about this hanging light set? A bit much?

Shopping spree over, and we didn’t buy any of it and I headed back to the hospital where I was busy with him for the rest of the afternoon. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and all the things in between. I found the hoisting impossible on my own, it’s definitely a 2 person job now. Even changing him needs 2 of us. He sat for a half hour today and is improving every day. He is much more comfortable and needs fewer medicines to get him through the day.

We need to review how we are going to care for him at home as the hoist/chair/bed is going to be squishy in his room, and we will need both sides of the bed. The chair won’t even make it through his bedroom door now. I wish Josh had his large new room now with the built in hoist. It will be lovely when it is done.

The last of his lines were removed today, so he has 2 free hands. He’s pretty quiet, but I know he is enjoying moving them more. I washed one hand today in a bowl and he wanted to splash it around. He loves a bath that’s for sure, but has a while to wait before he can get in the water again.

This morning Josh received a lovely envelope in the mail – from his friends at School. We’ve put them up on the board… they are excellent that they have photos in them for him to ‘read’ and he loved looking at them. He kept looking at the photo of Miss Helen, so he must miss her. I’d say he is missing a few people, but all in all is pretty happy to have both his Ma and his Pa at his beck and call, right by his bed for a good 20 hours a day or more. He certainly does not get that kind of service at home.

Lap it up kiddo, it’ll be back to normal before you know it.


4 responses to “Still here

  1. So sorry that you couldn’t come home today. We are all looking forward to seeing you again. I must say Josh is looking better each day. Great for him to receive letters and photos from his friends. They must all miss him, xox

  2. So sorry to hear you’re stuck in Perth a little longer…….just be patient…..

  3. Soon, you will all be home soon. I know how hard it must be for you away from the three kids at home, just a little bit longer.
    Heaps of love
    PS Josh is looking much better.
    PPS I want the pink chairs (So cute)but have no girl to buy them for.

  4. I want the blue door & the hanging light set, not sure where id put them, lol, but noice just the same. Looking forward to seeing you too. One day closer to full recovery & being in the comfort of home with the ones you love around you. They are alkl missing you too i bet & will be just as happy thast you are home when it happens, soon, I promise, soon. xxx

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