Saturday in the City

We all seemed a little fragile today at times. Joshua didn’t cope with the pain as well today as he has done, and cried out a few times. I feel it deep in my heart when I watch his face grimace and the tears trickle out. To see tears running down his face to his ears is uncommon and I know he is feeling it. He yells and I was sure I heard him say “Mum” today, looking straight at me, crying, willing me to make it better with his eyes… and I just can’t.

I just sit by, stroke his hair and hold him as best as I can. The nursing staff are doing their best, they know him by now and know he doesn’t cry for no reason, he has been quiet most of the week and they are medicating him well.

As we rolled him tonight Andrew could feel the little muscles in his leg twitching, and these spasms also seem to hurt. Poor love, he has a long way to go for recovery.

I have been doing physio on his legs as they will stiffen quickly being confined as they are, and I have found already the knees are tightening and he is reacting with the movements. Everything is sore.

My girl is missing me, and I wished I could teleport back home today when she needed me, but Mum and David and Lauren are doing a fabulous job with them all. I haven’t spoken to the boys in a couple of days; they must be ok at Nanna’s playing Wii. I miss them so much, and Andrew suggested I just take the weekend off and go home to see them, but in all reality, it’ll be a couple of days, and I really need to be here with my two big boys.

We are on standby for a flight home, there is a bed for Josh now, but RFDS is unlikely to take us on a weekend. Still, Monday is better than Thursday hey. Meanwhile, I have my phone right by me, bag packed, ready to go in a heartbeat if they call me through the night. I really need to get some sleep though, I am not used to broken sleep like this, and RMcD House can be a busy place, with loud doors and noisy little children running through corridors, with parents who then holler at them to stop running and “git here”. Hopefully tonight will be ok.

We had 2 sets of visitors today, Joshua’s Nanna and Pop came by just as he fell asleep, then 10 minutes later he began to cry, soon after that our Gooding friends surprised us with a visit too. Once Josh was settled with some more meds we headed off to the cafeteria for lunch and a chat. I feel guilty when I enjoy myself so much, knowing my kid is upstairs not enjoying himself, but it was so nice to have such a good laugh.

He has more colour today don’t you think?


Here’s the two big boys, both watching screens. Pair of zombies.


I went back to the room to have a snooze and Andrew called as the Dr had been paged to come for Josh, so we sat with him till about 9 before heading off for dinner. Andrew has gone back again for the night shift, hopefully they both do ok through the night. The best I can do now is to upload this with my 15 minutes internet time and go to sleep.

Another day done.


9 responses to “Saturday in the City

  1. hope you all had a good night. Sleep, ah sleep, I hear ya, need my sleep too, late night lock in went well, six girls joined me for a good nights scrappin, all done & dusted by 11pm, thats good as Im tired tonight too. another day closer to being home, xxx

  2. Hey Tan, you girl cheered up today. We did a bit of shopping, made suffle’s, played on computer with David and watched movies. She’s only just gone to bed (oops) but is doing much better. We are all on standby for your arrival. We will cross our fingers for Monday. Sleep tight. xoxo

  3. feeling for you Tan…..lets hope that flight comes soon and that bed stays vacant….

  4. Yes, I think Joshie’s colour looks better- so sorry to hear he’s been in pain though……..Hang in there a couple more days ok??

  5. Hang in there, hope the night went smoothly and Josh’s pain is better today
    Love Diana

  6. Hi Tania, Hope all goes well for your return. We’ve just had the biggest thunderstorm. Rain and lots of hail. Very quiet at the moment. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xox

  7. Julie Marchetti

    another day done and dusted…our hail storm ensures all is fresh and green and watered for when you get home…
    It will be soon :))

  8. I heard that the hospital had flooding…….hope that doesn’t affect you going home 😦

  9. he could use a wheelchair on his own manual and power, trust me on this there is many diffrent set ups that canbe configured so he could use, all he needs is to understand is cause and effect, and he can, and its your job as a parent to push him, and make him learn the importance of self mobility ! this WILL benifit him.. and from our expierences, teaching and yes, gently, forcign them, to be independent, at a young young age ”toddler and preschool sges in their wheelchairs DOES PAY OFF.. with the proper equipment and also not give in in as parents andcaregivers kids can wheel and or motor themselves around around 18 months, 2 years, and so on… do not accept him as beign lazy and slacking and laughing about it, it wont be cute when hes 30 and so dependent because he lives it and is used to fact they also make tilt manual chairs that can be self propelled even in tilt..not to mention the many powerchairs to boot

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