Sensory Room Sunday

Josh spent a good hour in his chair today, he is tolerating it well. He is going to give me a hard time with physio I just know it… his knees are so stiff already and they hurt.

He is brighter and although not smiling or laughing at his Daddy’s jokes yet, he looks a lot better. Dad’s jokes mostly are not funny anyway.


He was well enough to venture out so today we were having some time out in the sensory room.  . Nan and Pop came by again and hung out with us for a while, and Nan got some hoist training as we manoeuvred the equipment around the room as best we could. I don’t know how we are going to manage this at home. I really don’t think he is going to be able to use his room at all, and we keep mulling over the options, but can’t make a decision on what to do just yet. One step at a time though… Geraldton first, then home. I am sure once he is in hospital there everything will fall into place. And I don’t think he’ll be short of sitters that will keep him company so Andrew and I can have some time to ourselves before we work out what we’ll do at home.

The days seem to be getting longer. Usually there are not enough hours in the day and I am rushing about, but here I am finding myself so tired – doing so little. My bum is growing bigger everyday that I spend sitting on it. I’ll have to go back into full on weight-loss when I get back; it’s not been an ideal environment for getting thin. Especially with all those lovely meals the volunteers at Ronald McDonald House have been making. Check out tonight’s party food These lovely ladies came and spent their afternoon cooking for the families here. It certainly is lovely to come back to after being at the hospital for 10 hours solid.

We had hamburgers, pizzas and sausage rolls, for dessert they got really creative!


This is Josh’s dinner. Pureed muck. He is diabetic and also can’t chew so he gets mush. He likes it, as revolting as it looks. He’s always been a great eater.  My hand got sore holding all that food in the ceramic dish. Not a plate.. that’s a dish! That is A LOT of food. He managed a quarter of it. Lucky he doesn’t want for the kind of food above… we’d have trouble on our hands if he did.


See ya’ll tomorrow.  Mwah.


4 responses to “Sensory Room Sunday

  1. Great to see JOsh doing something other thatn laying in bed! Does that tag on his meal tray say “Tasty Puree”?? Mmmmmmm……..

  2. The Sensory Room sure has some cool stuff in it. Good to see Josh well enough to enjoy it. I’m with Louise Tasty Puree? Is there such a thing as untasty puree?

  3. Sexy Lauren's Mum

    Hi Joshua, Tania and Andrew,

    Just wanted to send our love to you all. You’ve done it tough lately but we can see, by your comments, that you are on the homestraight. It looks like you were so well looked after too. Well done. We hope you are more comfortable now Joshua and that life will go back to normal soon. I know your brothers and sister are missing you heaps.

    Big hugs to you all, Irene, Ken and Ehren.

  4. What a cool room, would like one of those to rest in occasionally. Great to see Josh got to enjoy it befor heading home to Geraldton. Looks like you have been feed well, nice not to have to worry about the “everyday stuff” for a while. Hope things fall into place at home, remember it is all just part of the recovery process.

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