Joshua had a little adventure yesterday travelling via the ambulance and Royal Flying Doctor Service. He is now settled nicely at Geraldton Regional Hospital.

Wendy came by first chance as did his Nanna. I didn’t see Mum, but I know Wendy was moved when he cried out, telling her that he hurt, wanting her to fix it for him. It’s hard to watch, but mostly he has been good, just cries when he laughs too hard, or coughs or moves suddenly.

He’s been settled and comfortable and the Doctor here is keen to get to know him. I think it will be a nice stay for him, and hopefully Andrew and I can leave him to get back to some sort of normality over the next week. It’s hard to let go of his care, but judging by how drained we both are, I just know we have to at some point.

Yesterday morning the ambulance officers came to collect him and take him, and the first hurdle was removing his wedge. This is to stay on for 6 weeks, and we can remove it for rests of 15 minutes, but today he had it off for 3 hours. There was no way around it, and we kept the legs apart as much as possible.

He was good in the ambulances and the aircraft, hardly complaining, and they were excellent, all the transfers were as smooth as possible and he was well cared for. We wouldn’t be home without them.

My greatest pleasure of the day yesterday was meeting my children after school. They didn’ t know we were coming, and Andrew drove into town in time, so we were both there for them. What a lovely suprise for them, and what a great reception we recieved. Lots of hugs and a few tears. We went straight up to the hospital to visit Josh and check out the “glow-in-the-dark casts”.

I’ve had given him a rest with the physio yesterday as the travelling was huge, but today he  needed to be back into it, getting those knees working and sitting him upright for his chest. It hurts. Poor little man.  Luckily I am patient, and can take my time to work with him gently gently getting those knees to bend. If we don’t keep up with that, the legs won’t want to bend in 6 weeks time when it’s time for the wedge and casts to come off. I cannot believe how quickly they seize up. It’s good that I have something positive to “do” with him too, other than sitting helplessly by with him.

Today has gone by so quickly, having 3 other children to deal with ensures that, and I didn’t even take a photo of Josh today. I did get one of the lovely gift I found on my doorstep tonight – OMG – spoiled! That was one terrific care package. There were a few items in it that would just make you all jealous, so I’ll just let you know it included lots of chocolate, thankyou Mark and Lisa, you absolutely made my day! And if you ever need jewellery, go see  and sign up for the email updates. Lisa can help you with any Pandora, Georgini or Guess fetishes you might have as well as much more. Gold, silver, diamonds.. whatever you love.

Now, that block of chocolate did say “Family” on it… oops.


4 responses to “Adventurer

  1. Glad u liked yr pressies!! xxxx

  2. Nice pressies! you lucky girl, nice to see you & Josh yesterday, it looks like the staff here have you all settled in & taken care of, so nice to be able to have Josh closer to home so soon, love to you all, xxx

  3. Clad the transfers were smooth and that you are all back together again. Looking forward to reading about Josh’s progress and catching up (in time)

  4. Glad all went well and will catch up soon xox

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