Colour and a Smile

Today it’s been 2 weeks since the operation. It’s been surreal really, the hospital environment shields you in a cocoon-like state where hours and days slip by. The past couple of days has been better for all of us, home again, chatting at the supermarket, visiting the neighbor, doing homework with my kids. Lunches, school, shopping, washing…. it’s all coming back to me.

Josh is still there, and we spend a good amount of the day with him, but I no longer feel I have to be there. I have faith in the nursing care, and it helps that my friend the Irish Bully Biddy is there, ever watchful, looking out for Josh, Andrew and myself.

Our surgeon has done an amazing job, he would make a fine quilter Lisa, judging by his sewing skills. The bandages were oiled off and the sutures cut back to the skin today. If you are squirmish you might want to look away now, but I didn’t think they were too bad, so decided to post them anyway. Maybe I am just used to it. I promise there’s no blood and guts.

Well, maybe a bit of old blood. This is the dressing that is ready to come off today. It’s old blood there, so nothing to worry about, (so I was told – but it looked mighty impressive to me. Yikes) I must say I was concerned as to what it would look like under that awful looking bandage, but in fact it turned out much tidier than I expected.

We realised today that Josh has probably never even worn a band-aid other than for a blood test before. It’s not like he would get bike -riding injuries or scrapes from climbing trees now is it? But this is a pretty big bandage.

 He had 2 nurses and Wendy all fussing over him. All he wanted to do was to watch the movie Shrek.

It took  just a little while to gently oil them and to clean it, and he was perfect the whole time. There’s a good boy.

That’s one long cut. Owww. But so clean and will heal nicely, with very little scarring. So he’ll look hot still in his budgie smugglers.

Both sides were operated on, so the other side looks much the same. Hope I didn’t gross you out!

Here’s something to leave you smiling.  He has colour and a smile.

Pity he doesn’t have good parents though. Someone hold the phone for him while he calls Child Services.


4 responses to “Colour and a Smile

  1. Always good to know surgery is another career option. Actually I wish my stitching was that neat! Good to see he’s healing nicely – and smiling!!!!!!!!

  2. Go Josh you big brave boy, good to see a man can sew, lol. You are goo parents, the best, just what Josh (& the others) need. Glad you’re my friend too, xxx

  3. its amazing that it has only been one week since that big cut and yet it looks so healed….so not red and nasty and sore looking!!! Those surgeons are so incredible!!!

  4. Hi Tania
    I hope your “Bad parent” comment was tongue in cheek or I will give you a tongue lashing :O). You and Andrew could never ever be classed as bad parents. Until someone has been in your shoes, they will never understand. I think given the last week or so, that you have both coped tremendously and things will get easier (especially with family and friends). It is exhausting (I’ve been there as a carer) and you don’t realise until you crash, that it is okay to take time for yourself and to always ask for help.
    Love and best wishes to you and yours

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