On the mend

Josh is doing very well, thank you all for your well wishes, encouragement and support to myself and my entire family this past couple of weeks. He is most definately on the mend.

Andrew and I are leaving him in the capable hands of the hospital more and more, much to the relief of those close to us, so we can have some time at home. We were only up there today for about 5 hours. He’s coping well, and as the nursing staff get to know him better, it will be easier to leave him for longer. Luckily he doesn’t miss us, as long as someone is there and his brothers’ DVD player is going, he is content.

He’s sitting up for longer periods, today he managed over an hour, possibly nearly 2 by the time we got him settled back in bed. We went out to the big ol’ tree out the front and sat for a while, and Rachel came by to visit again.

Look at the pursed lips we get with some medicines now, so amusing. For a kid who doesn’t talk he get’s his point across pretty well. Thankfully, he’s easily persuaded, and it really doesn’t taste bad. Funny how he eyeballs visitors, and sometimes gives them a “hello” with a slight raise of the eyebrows. He is very still, and very quiet, and for anyone that knows Josh, they would know that is unusual. I don’t know how often I wished he’d just SIT STILL and BE QUIET, but not quite like this. He is very guarded and rightly so. The bandages come off tomorrow. I wonder how that’ll be.

We’ve had a lovely evening, our girl made us dinner (fish, yum) and we watched movies. Wendy sat with Joshua, washed his hair and made sure he was comfortable for the night. He always loves to be clean and his head was getting itchy after being stinky for 2 weeks. Ya can only take so much baby powder to the head. He really is a lucky little lad, to have so much love from Wendy.

I am enjoying being home, and not rushing about, pottering with the washing and the mail. I even cleaned the pantry out this afternoon. I intend on staying home, recuperating too and not rushing back to work till next week. I wasn’t due back till next week anyhow, so this is a bonus.

I bet David and Lauren are enjoying their home time too, after being here for 12 days, caring for our children and pets including the very needy old Siamese cat. I am so lucky, so grateful, words can’t express.

I hope all is well with you and yours. 


2 responses to “On the mend

  1. Your very lucky Tania to have so many family and friends around you to help out. Hope all continues to go well for you all.

  2. Nice to spend a few minutes of my day with you & see the three of you out in the fresh air. Yet another sign that recovery is progressing well & another day closer to Josh bening able to go home. Enjoy the weekend with your children, family & friends. See you again soon, xxx.

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