A little Pampering

Josh is doing well, he’s still up at the Hospital and they are taking very good care of him, and whilst we are looking forward to when he will be home with us, we are also all enjoying the time together until then.

Andrew and myself went out  last night with some friends and enjoyed a few beverages together on the Limbusine. Too many Southerns for me I am afraid, but we had a good time. We met some terrific people and ended up at the Freemasons for one last drink. I needed that like I needed a hole in the head, but down it went. No more partying for me for a while I think.

So, this morning I slept in, and this afternoon my baby girl gave me a pedicure. I have been told many times I have pretty awful looking feet, and I would wholeheartedly agree, and have never had a pedicure before in my life. I think my girl could see me looking a little worse for wear today and landed on my bed with chocolate and the nail polish kit. All I had to do was lay back and take it. She did a lovely job, considering what she had to work with, and I can’t believe I am posting a photo of my ugly feet, but here  it is. Can you see the deformity in my toe? look closer… the little toe. How ugly is that?

It’s broken. Has been broken for years. Doesn’t it look sad all twisted like that? Diana would say it’s “munted”. You should have seen just how ugly they were last night before the pedicure! Seriously, I shouldn’t be allowed to wear open toe shoes.  I should have a lifetime ban.


5 responses to “A little Pampering

  1. Beautiful job with the polish, your girl really knows her stuff.
    No Tania, your toe is not munted. A friend once told me that toes were the ugliest things in the world and that everyone’s toes looked strange. So I think your toe is in good company.

  2. I never noticed! Shows how much we worry about things that dont really matter, I have always thought you have nice feet, nicer than my big boffy feet, but they have a big job to do holding us up all day so just look after them the best we can. Nice to see you guys got out & enjoyed an evening together, the limbusine is awsome. Great to hear Josh is doing so well in his recovery, yet another day closer to comming home. xxx

  3. You really deserved a lovely night out together and being pampered. Lovely to hear that Josh is progressing well.
    Tania , my feet are MUCH uglier than yours with bunions and varicose veins . [yuk!!!]

  4. Bring on the pedicures, massages, drinks with little umbrellas, pool boys….!!!!

  5. PS You both look very gorgeous. Nice jewels Tan, and Andrew is that a tie?? !!

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