Time to make cards

Now with all the thanking I need to do, I have so many cards I need to make. I had grand plans of doing some papercraft whilst I was away, and diligently took my scrapping stuff into the hospital with me every day, only to drag it back with me every night, untouched. Sometimes, it would seem, that you cannot make time to scrap. Sometimes, it is just not the time. I thought anytime was scrapping time.

Soon I will be heading back to reality of work, and to be totally honest…  I am not sure I am ready for it. That statement frightens me a little.  I have always given my job 100%, and always enjoyed being there, arriving early and staying there too long most days, happily thinking work related thoughts day and night. Totally immersed and loving what I do.

With this recent “time-off” I have found myself not able to fit those thoughts in. They’ve been blocked and aside from wondering how everyone is doing, I have been too pre-occupied to care. How can that be? Three weeks away from work and I don’t care? That’s like saying you went on a holiday and left the kids at home… and then didn’t miss them! How could I not care? Not worry? Not rip down to the shop the very minute I hit town?

Well, to start with, I know the shop is in very good hands with Rachel and Dani, and secondly it’s a part of me and I will fit right back in when I get there… I am sure… I hope…

Otherwise the shop might well be up for sale and I will stay home and be Mum.


4 responses to “Time to make cards

  1. my first reaction is “Holly Shit!” but after some thought I recognise that things change, life changes, least of all when we expect it, so I get where you are at & if thats what you need to do, go for it. xxx

  2. Dont worry. Will be like u never left in no time at all!

  3. You have been through quite a trauma Tania, give yourself plenty of time to get bacl to normal with family etc…. we all understand that you aren’t in the shop ‘head space’ and might not be till Josh gets back home again…. take however long you need to get back to thinking of scrapping etc as therapy and or relaxation and not ‘work’ …..

  4. You have wonderful girls looking after the shop and it will still be there when you wonder in. Yes, take it one step at a time and wonder in and just sit, take it all in and then go home. There is no rush to return to work, family come first, but ultimately you still need something outside of that. Not that you can’t make the decision to move on in life if that is what you choose-just don’t make any hasty decisions.
    You may only just do some scrapping at home with that lovely, precious daughter of yours. Scrapping your experience will also help you get through some of this.
    Chin up and enjoy each day as it comes
    Love and best wishes

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