Back At It

My first hours back at work was last night when we had a staff meeting, and then a Design Team Meeting. I am officially back in into it.

How lucky to have such a wonderful job to come back to, and we scrapped last night too. I didn’t have anything on me to do, so I put together one of those gorgeous Basic Grey Page Kits.. man, I could really get to love those!

This is the Origins kit.. and I do think I took the last one off the shelf.. but there’s more coming. You can get four layouts from one kit, and not even get your trimmer out!

My snail mail is cleared, my emails answered (there was over 200 – oops) and there are a few bills to be paid, but other than that we are all sorted.
Just as well… the SIA registrations were in my inbox! Scrapbooking Industry Australia – a wholesale event for us. Man, that’s going to be so much fun work, you will all feel so jealous sorry for us, having to party slog it out with the other retailers and meet all the interesting boring wholesalers with all their fabulous new products.

Oh ok, who are we kidding here?… you know we’re gonna love it… there’s no hiding it.


6 responses to “Back At It

  1. Hi Tania
    Beautiful kits, can you put away a couple for me when they come in. Oh, and poor you (& Rachel & Nat) it will be so hard to go to Sydney. NOT!!!!!! Only kidding I wish you all the greatest time

  2. Are we regestered yet?? when do the class lists come out?? how many sets of underware do I have to pack?? im really excited that we are going to sydney again for some work & a lot of fun, lets face it, its the highlight of our year!!

  3. I hope Rachel packs more than just underware!!!
    You girls will have a great time, then the best bit, show and tell, we are waiting.

  4. Underwear?… who needs underwear??? Let’s have some fun this year and go commando!!!

  5. Scary pictures are going through my head Nat really scary

  6. hhuummmm, you just have to think about it, I have to share a room with her for 5 nights!!! now thats a scary prospect me thinks, especially if shes going commando!! lol

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