Update on the Boy

He is doing very well.

Look – he’s smiling again. Yes, that scary looking grimace is a big fat Joshy smile! It’s so nice to walk into his room and see his eyes light up. I get more than a rise of the eyebrow as a hello, and if I say something even remotely funny he laughs out loud. He’s happy today.

He loves visitors. Almost as much as he loves his videos. He can hardly tear himself away from his movies, but he loves to see us. Today his brothers came up to see him and help out with the hoisting… just picture it will you? My twins with the remote to the hoist in hand. Talk about dangerous driving.

But they do like to help, and when I said we were going to the hospital to see Josh, they were up and ready to go. They are imagining if it were one of them that was alone in hospital over Easter. But he’s not alone… far from it. He has at least one nurse at his beck and call 24 hrs a day, then we come to visit too. Today was the first breakfast that Dad missed being there, and Wendy was back there for Dinner and Supper. I like to do physio at least once a day with him, it’s an effort getting his legs working, but he stiffens so quickly that we have to do it.

My photos are not always the best, but I just love this one, with a lovely big smile. He was genuinely happy to see us. Not that Josh would ever put anything on for anyone. Do you like his blanket? It’s one of those ultra soft ones, but it has skulls on it, so it’s not a pansy blanket (but still feels like one haha) He loves running his hands over it.

Have you been wondering about these photos? Why they are blurry? That I must look like the papparazzi with my camera in hospital? Well, no… every photo has been taken on my little phone. Get that! Just flicked the flash off, and turned it to silent and press the button. Easy. Not proffessional, but easy. And now that I have discovered settings on my phone I can try to take better ones. I certainly do not want to be carting a camera everywhere with me… but my phone… I can do.

So when I whipped it out to take a photo of Josh outside today with his blanket I didn’t look weird, just like a Mum with a phone. Much more acceptable than a camera. And I was clicking away at him, trying to get him to look at me.. When I went back through them I noticed the background. That kid. My kid. Up on the pole.

And when I saw this kid, the phone was put away, so I could stop playing and notice that my children needed a Mother to yell at them to “Get DOWN from there RIGHT this second before you fall and BREAK YOUR NECK!!!”

At least if he fell, we wouldn’t have far to go for the Emergency Department of the hospital.


3 responses to “Update on the Boy

  1. Lol, boys will be boys, & you have got double trouble there, they just gotta climb!! they are just typical boys. glad to hear Josh is happy, hope you all have a great Easter weekend, xxx

  2. Great to see you all happy..

  3. what cracks me up is that you had time to take a photo of them up that pole before you put the phone away and yelled at them… funny stuff!!!

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