Joshy’s home

Easter Sunday Josh came home to his own room,  and now we will be doing all his care from here.

He was transferred via ambulance, on a stretcher. Once home we hoisted him, then manouvered the hoist into his room, and dumped him on his bed. The bed has one of those pressure care mattresses

It’s easier, but harder. While on one hand we don’t have to travel to the hospital, making it uncomplicated, but we now have to do the days and the nights between us which will be challenging. No-one to take over the night shift. We are his nurses, his physiotherapists. Being home means the washing is more likely to be done (note I said ‘more likely’) but also means that one of us is always housebound. Although we enjoy staying home, it does leave one with a slightly “trapped” feeling. I used to have that feeling when my children were all little… my King would be at work, on a 12 hour shift and I would be at home with 4 little ones… looking wistfully out the front door, knowing I just couldn’t go to the shops on my own. Oh boy… glad those days are behind me.

Josh will heal better at home. We all will.

I had to make a trip to the pharmacist on Sunday and get a few more additions to his regular medications…

He is in a “moaning” stage today, and has moaned a lot in the last 2 days, a low quiet moan. I guess this is just to let us know that he’s not comfortable,but we can’t do anything more to make it better. He’s not into laughing today, as he has been in past days, (when he laughed so much we thought he was a nut-job). Today nothing is funny. His legs hurt and he doesn’t like it. I feel like such a meanie doing physio, ever so gently bending his legs, bit by bit – to get them moving.  They are  freeing up more each day, giving me hope that they will be bending and flapping about again like before.

Here he is “telling” Dad all about it.

We are very glad to have him home, things are returning to a some-what semi-normal state. He is happy watching his movies day and night and we can pop in and out all day without having to sit by the bedside for hours on end.

And maybe I spend some time at my scrap desk. I have had a hankering for painting again lately. Maybe some mixed media? Should do some cards, need to do some scrapbooking, have to do some tidying. Might just paint instead.
What have you been up to? Are you being creative? I would love to know what you’re spending your free time on this week.


3 responses to “Joshy’s home

  1. We love you Josh. Bet it’s great being home again with the family.
    Love;Oma and Opa

  2. Nice to see Joshy back in his own room but it does create more work for you guys 😦

  3. Hi there, nice to see your wish has been granted, reality is no matter where Josh is it’s hard work. you guys are doing a wonderful job with him, its worth all the effort, you only get one shot at these things & you are doing everything you can despite the objections from Josh. Short term pain, long term gain. he will be much more comfortable in his comming years because of the work you guys put in now, love to you all, xxx

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