Ever hung out on the Etsy web site? I have avoided it for a long time, I just knew it would be a place that I could really get lost in, absorbed in the creativity of others.

It’s like ebay, but handmade, and oh so artsy. Some of it (ok, most of it) is too artsy, too creative, too hippy if I dare say it, for me. But there are thousands of things there… I mean thousands – it’s like going to the craft fair in your loungeroom. I could linger there all night.

I have been wanting to paint a birdhouse lately.

Anyway, I was inspired by this…

and I had a play with some scrapbooking papers and came up with this… a little collage of my own… it was fun. I would love to learn some new techniques… and I can see there is plenty to learn.

I did a mixed media with friends the other night, on a larger scale, but I wasn’t happy with the overall look, so I might just re-do that one. The great thing about canvasses and mixed media… if you don’t like it… just go over it! So freeing and I am dying to try some paint again.


4 responses to “Inspired

  1. I love etsy and have acquired many cool things over the years- mostly I shop for unique gifts. I love what you’ve done with that collage-the background looks terrific!

  2. Too easy to get lost in etsy – but so much fun!

  3. Yeh thats cool and I liked ya lil design from wednesday night but this one is even better. well done!

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