I picked up the pencil

and began to draw for her. 

Child #2 has been begging me to get painting again, but I didn’t know just what to paint. I need something to copy, something for and idea to go by and have been trawling pictures and paintings to get me started. I really wanted to do a birdhouse, then I thought a whimsical tree, and I have always loved those big face paintings done with huge eyes and with mixed media. Too many ideas, too many hours sitting wondering what I could do. I gave up. What would I do with it anyway, it’s not like it’d go on display anywhere and I am only learning. Back to the scrapbooking for me.

Then she put the hard word on me. That’s what she wanted for her birthday. A painting. By me, for her. That’s what she really wants. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaseee Mummmmmmmmyyyyyy?

OMG the pressure! I would rather just go and BUY her a nice painting. How am I to create something she would like, when I don’t even like my own work? What should I paint? And then she’s going to want to put it up. The pressure.

So, gone are my ideas of birdhouses and trees and mixed media.

Out came the pencil and eraser, and this is what I came up with. It’s her. My little girl, not so little anymore. The girl is inspired by an artist named Wyanne. I have a long way to go to figure out how to paint her and wish so fervently that I had her as a tutor. Has anyone ever taken an online class before? I have little experience (if kindergarten counts, and a couple of past attempts) with painting and would love to know some ‘rules’ when it comes to drawing and painting. Like why I can’t get my tree to look right… the branches are all stupid poking out from the trunk. They look wrong and I’m sure it’s a simple something to fix it. I don’t care too much about perspective and detail, I want it to look whimsical, so you won’t see me measuring distances between each post on the fence and lining things up. I do see now that I need to cover her butt… will need more flowers growing there, and her legs are too far over. This is just the sketch, and as I can’t draw the same thing twice the canvas will look different.  I added a things she loves, a book, a tree, hearts, flowers and a Siamese cat. I thought about doing her garden arch, but reconsidered. Too hard, and did hte fence instead. This is a draft, the canvas is underneath, it’s the only one I have and it’s a big one.

Give me your opinion.

What colours can you see this artwork completed in?

Background? Tree leaves? Heart Flowers? Girls’ dress and stockings?


5 responses to “I picked up the pencil

  1. Oh dear…you do have some pressure on you…don’t you? But, the person who’s putting the pressure on you…is you. Child #2 will love it…no matter what… because it came from you. The key to whimsical is to throw all rules out the window. Remember how much fun you used to have when you were 5 and picked up a paintbrush or crayon. You didn’t think twice about whether the tree’s branches looked right. You just painted without thinking. And what did you think about when you painted then? You thought about how much you loved to paint. And that, is exactly what you need to do now. Think about how much you love to paint and especially how much you love child #2. Have fun and play! Let go and just let the love flow…..it will be a masterpiece.

  2. Wyanne makes it sound so straightforward and easy………i think the branches look great as is and leave the girl’s legs long like that too….

  3. Make the cat tan and browny-black.

    That’s all I’ve got…

  4. Can offer no advice re painting, but love the sketch – especially the flowers. Wyanne correct – She’ll love it no matter what you do.

  5. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. Love the whimsical feel of it, the heart flowers, the pretty fence. You may want to use her favorite colors or colors to match her bedroom if that’s where she’ll be hanging it. I think it would look great in bright beautiful colors. It’s very spring-ish looking to me. Great job!


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