Packing light

I don’t know about you, but I thought I was pretty good at packing light. When Josh was younger and hospital stays were frequent, I had a small bag packed at the ready. Now-a-days I can still pack pretty light. You only need a few things. One very small case is all I need.

But the King of the house… well… he can pack light if he wants to.

Recently he went for a trip to Perth, and I was surprised to see a toiletry bag on the table the night before. I was astounded when he said that was “his bag”. Everything he was taking, (except his toothbrush which he needed to use before he left)  Seriously – everything. No-one could ever accuse my husband of being high maintainance.

My HANDBAG is bigger than this.

So, of course, when he went to bed I investigated, and photographed along the way. As you do.

Surely this is not enough stuff to go away with. Surely not, one little wee bag. So, what exactly have we got here?

I was very pleased to see he was not skimping on the underwear and had a fresh pair of boxers… bogan holden car boxers I might add. He also had a new shirt. He had toothpaste and a comb and his best smellies. He had a pink hair clip… somehow I don’t think that is his, must be from a previous excursion. He had a torch and a GPS, and some caffeine tabs.

It’s very interesting going through someone else’s bag isn’t it? He will be absolutely thrilled when/if he sees this post I am sure.

For the trip home he has a whole stack of Triple J CD’s. I say a little thankyou to the Lord above that I am not driving home with him. He has his reading glasses (he’s old) and his sunnies. His sunglasses catch my attention… get a load of this. The nose piece is missing… these are like punk version glasses, with spikes to inflict pain. They can’t be too bad, he continues to wear them, after all, they are his best $20 sunnies.

I see also he has thought to pack the nail clippers. Like that should NEVER be forgotten. What? Who packs nailclippers? He does, that’s who… heaven forbid one nail might grow overnight. Can’t have that now can we?

But the kicker… is the toothpicks. OMG he is like Farmer Joe with a piece of straw in his mouth, he has grown this terrible habit of chewing on sticks. He is rather attached to his toothpicks. So much so that he takes them wherever he goes. We have jars  and jars of these little sticks.

Strange man.

But a VERY cheap habit.

God I love him.


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