How’s he going?

So many people ask me. Thankyou for asking.

He’s doing okay. Pretty sick of it all I am sure… but he’s okay.

He’s got everything he needs. He has his TV. He has his family. He has his bed, and a new and improved mattress. We are borrowing a special care air mattress for him. It’s to stop him getting pressure sores from laying still for so long. I think he’s pretty tired of laying still, not that there is much choice. Even when we take off the wedge and ‘try’ to move his legs he doesn’t like it. But he is not complaining, not NEARLY as much as I would be.

It hurts.

Darn left knee is giving him curry now. Bend stupid knee… bend! Even when relaxed it sticks out straight, and that cast would be heavy for him. Another week of physio and we will have this leg bending like Beckam.

His wounds are healing too (for anyone who is interested in his skin) and for my brother Chris… look away now, surgery site scar coming up.

This is his left hip. They are (his hips) wider than before and look strange to me from front on… he’s a different shape now, I can feel the bone under his skin, but he doesn’t seem to have any pain there.

and the other side. Aha… there is focus on my phone.

Not long now and the wedge will be gone (black bit between his legs, not in these photos) and the casts will be off. He will be kicking the wall alongside his bed again in no time.

5 weeks down and 2 more to go. Over half way… easy now on the downhilll run.


3 responses to “How’s he going?

  1. Lookin’ good Josh, keep up the good work guys, like you say, on the downhill run now, waho, recovery here we come!!! xxx

  2. You go Josh! We are thinking of you always….those scars look great- nice and neat…..he’s done so amazingly well through all of this xxx

  3. Site looks good – he’ll barely have a scar – good for future swimming expeditions!!!
    Glad your all still hanging in xxx

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