Don’t wait for flowers to be brought to you

Plant your own garden instead!
And that’s just what we did today. It’s been about 7 years since I spent the entire day in the garden (oh maybe I  exaggerate a bit) and we have churned, planted, watered, weeded and tidied. I had a little too much sun and can’t walk anymore, but we are feeling pretty good about being active. Lord knows I am not the active-type.

We have a long way to go in our garden, and the grass is proving to be the biggest problem, inching it’s way into the mulch and good soil. Past the edging, winding underneath and lifting it as it grows. Love the lawn, but hate it in the garden and it’s going to take many more days to remove it by hand. Hopefully the King has been inspired to get out there and will spend some time digging whilst we all go back to work and school tomorrow.

Back to work… back to school…

uh oh. Better go get organised!


One response to “Don’t wait for flowers to be brought to you

  1. you go guys, hope its all comming along nicely after all this wonderful rain we have had, I am lucky to have pots of spring bulbs, & my vege patch is comming along (thankyou to a lot of help from Alan) looking forward to spring. I might have to get a bit of retic tuition from you though, lol

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