Glow in the Dark

Been a bit pre-occupied lately, I guess that’s school holidays for you. Busy busy, (when I’m not sleeping late) Sorry for not updating. My dearest darling King of the House had his birthday on the weekend and we had a few friends around for a BBQ to help him celebrate and make a fool of himself. Nice one.

My girl and I have been trying to do a little gardening, and so far have planted 50 bulbs in the front garden. Who knows if they’ll come up, they’ve been in the shed for years. I’ve been pruning and pottering as well and we plan to scatter some seeds and finish updating the reticulation tomorrow. Proud of my 12 yr old that she knows what “risers” and “4mm adapters” are, just wish her fingers were a little stronger, then I could leave her to it! It’s been fun hanging out though, we’ve done a lot of that these holidays.

We watched “New Moon” the other night. I really enjoyed it, much better produced than the first I thought. Can’t see the fascination though for the “new moon” clothes I saw in Target today though, what’s with that? I jokingly said to my girl I should definitely get me some of those tights and a shirt… should have seen the look of distaste on her face. Maybe just socks? No. Definitely NOT.

I also finished my layout for the scrap competition and am SO PROUD I got it done. I was up till 3am though last night and swore not to put the computer on till it was done. I was still figuring out what sentiment to put on the card this afternoon before express posting it away. The theme was “What If” and boy that was hard! Thank goodness Wendy came up with a good one or I might still be sitting at my desk. Heaven knows my family are no good at helping me… they couldn’t care less. We needed both a card and a layout, using a page map supplied. I sure enjoyed the process though, and am very happy that I got it done.  I based it on one of my layouts from earlier, using the cuttlebug and have incorporated this into one of the extension classes this term. If you are booked in for extension you are sure to love the page you will create using this technique, late in the term.

I can’t show you the layout, but I am sure there is no harm in a little peek. It was fun to do. Love a  challenge with a deadline. You know me… I’ll always go to the deadline (or beyond) Here’s the pic I used of my beautiful,  capital letters… BEAUTIFUL girl. She didn’t look this glamorous this morning when she crawled out of bed. Ha ha.

Josh is doing ok. I wish I could say he’s fabulous, but he’s ok. Not terrible, not even bad, just ok. It’s been a long recovery and we are all getting through it ok. The taxi rang this morning to see if he was going to school as I was surprised that it hadn’t even crossed my mind. Nope, he wouldn’t be going to school, he wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while. I will be taking him back to PMH next week (Lord help me it’d be the 7 week mark) and he will be freed of these monsters on his legs. They are itching and frustrating him no end. He will be very pleased to be free.

I hope his hips have healed ok. I hope with everything I have,  that they are good. That they don’t need to “do” anything else for him. That he will be ok. That he can sit up again. Right now he has a terrific lean on him. That worries me. One leg is much stiffer than the other and one appears longer. So, next week we want to hear the words from the surgeon.. “He has healed as expected, this is good”. And we want the cast gone. As cool as it is to have a “Glow-in-the-dark-cast”.

Not every kid can boast a glow-in-the-dark Leg. Not that Josh can see it. Ha. This photo didn’t come out too well, trust me the glow is more impressive in real life.

As cool as it is… it needs to come off now. Party’s over. Time to go.


2 responses to “Glow in the Dark

  1. Huge relief to get rid of those casts, he’ll be much more comfortable. Glad Andrew had a good Birthdayxxx

  2. Fingers crossed you get nothing but good news from the doctors when those casts come off…….let us know if you need any help with stuff while you are here…

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