Holding it together

I’m tired and emotional, therfore I decided to delete my entire post for tonight. By tomorrow I would have regretted posting something so heavy. So it’s gone. Yay for the delete button.

Onwards and forwards. Or something like that.


6 responses to “Holding it together

  1. I fully understand Tanya. Our household is emotional as well,sometimes I just can’t understand somethings in life. Chin up and like you say Onwards and forwards.. 🙂

    • Yep, chin up. Suck it up, and smile. For yourself if not for the rest of the world (that you are running from your computer… hee hee, loved that you said that today!)

  2. Even though you hit delete before posting, I hope it felt good to “get it all out” ………sometimes you just gotta vent to no one in particular!

  3. Oh Tania, I hope you at least got some rest last night. The world just isn’t a very nice place at times is it. Hang in there.
    Love and you’re all in my prayers

    • Thanks Diana. Sleep is what I am lacking most I think… Josh doesn’t sleep till the early hours, making noises till he drops off, sometimes as late as 3am. Shame is that I can’t be productive at that hour, so I’m up but not ‘doing’ much – other than running the world from my computer. (ha, thanks Adele) and staring at my scrapbooking and cardmaking stuff, or shuffling it around.
      I feel a big sleep-in coming tomorrow.

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