Set for Term 2

Classes start this week again and we are busy making our samples and tweaking the instructions sheets for our members.

I have worked on Michele’s layout this weekend… those doing this class will love it. Here’s a sneaky peek.

Josh heads to hospital tomorrow and then on Wednesday he and I will go to Perth for a couple of days. I will be so relieved for him when these casts come off, he is so uncomfortable that I feel like crying everytime I look at him lately. His little face looks up at me, pleading eyes, and I just can’t take it. He has been through so much. I just wish it were all over, and can see now this is going to be on-going for him for a long time. He is voicing his discomfort and having trouble sleeping, most nights it’s been between 2am and 4am when he finally goes quiet, even then he’s not asleep. Therefore the whole house is tired and needing sleep-ins. Wow I got a big one this morning… my beautiful hubby shut the door and kept it dark for me.

Right now I am packing for SIA (trade show in Sydney, leaving Sunday)  making sure I have everything I need, and nothing I don’t. I want to be packed as light at possible, so I can bring as much home as possible. hee hee. One bonus is that my desk will be clear for the next couple of weeks. That is if my girl doesn’t take it over.

One response to “Set for Term 2

  1. Julie Marchetti

    Dear Tania…
    I can so feel Josh’s discomfort of his casts.
    You see, I have broken my foot and am in plaster for another 3 week.s
    I think of Josh and you guys often during the day, because it just hurts and the cast is heavy and cumbersome and yet I can understand and deal with all of this.
    Sweet Josh…he just knows it hurts and is heavy and is just a right pain.
    Glad you enjoyed your sleepin…you deserved it.
    Hugs to you all, Julie

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