Nat’s Log – guest blogger.

Help us… we have been hijacked on flight # DJ 570 bound for Sydney on Virgin (yes we are!!!!) Boeing 707.  We are seated next to a very hairy (rug on his back) man and behind a completely bald man with warts on his head, (don’t know how he shaves it without cutting off those darn ugly thangs). Tell all our loved ones we miss them and we love them and I knew when I boarded that I should not have packed my Tim Holtz craft knife but I really wanted to get into the cabin to see the pilot man but the man with the balaclava grabbed it off me when I was card making and started wielding it at all of the passengers.  I am truly sorry!!


Tania is a loser …she’s left her jacket in the statesman and now she’s gonna freeze her ass off!!!


Rachel’s Log

Well we survived the Peter Brock rally to Perth, made it in good time, Tania got to visit her nephew then off to Hamers car park (good value & service) Nicole got dropped off to visit me for an hour or so while we waited to board the flight. No I didn’t get lost this year; we all boarded the plane together, talk about budget airlines!! We had to walk out onto the tarmac to board the plane!!! Great crew, they picked that we were the trouble makers as we boarded & our hostess was keeping a watchful eye on Nat in particular.


Nat wants Lauren to know she will have your lovely pink Mimi tote dry-cleaned when she gets back to Gero as she spilt Smirnoff all over it, & Tania’s new pants, & her skirt, bl..dy piss pot!! Hic- hic, oops, was that me?? Oh yea, I had one too. Yes we happy little munchkins & Tania didn’t cry when we took off this year. Oh yea & wahoo go the Dockers!!!

Nat has just had her nails done this week & she’s not happy with the result, one already lifting, ah oh, not the nails.  Crisis!!!!

Paddy is our head host & he earns $850000 a year for 35 hours a week, flying all over Oz & to Bali, poor man, has to put up with bleached blond petite co workers wearing genuine red leather belts with black ribbons in their hair, sounds good but we wonder if he has to wear stockings like the girls? Shall we ask him???


Nat is also a loser coz she’s locked out of her phone… doesn’t know the pin or the puk number and her darling hubby is gonna save the day tomorrow…

If you wondering… plane not hijacked… but the blog has been.  Hee hee!!!!!

Tania here.

They’ve had me gagged, bound and locked in the cupboard. What have I done inviting these two? I have been talking and laughing non stop since we left this morning at 8am.

It was a chatty trip in the car, and fun on the plane, stirring up anyone who even looked in our direction. Oh those poor passengers. The hostess Tiffany was renamed “Trashy Tiffany” as she took our rubbish (those girls were drinking!) and over the loud speaker our host Patrick aka Paddy announced that congratulations was in order as Tiffany had just completed her Anger Management Certificate… but please do not look her in the eye.
It’s now midnight (Sydney time), Nat is waiting (not so patiently) for her towel, (I am not sleeping with stinky-girl) and has just rung reception asking the butler to bring it right up. My tummy is sore from laughing – she is incorrigible! We are eating the very best pizza in Sydney and drinking coke from wine glasses in a fancy hotel up on the 17th floor. This is the life!

Back tomorrow with more tales.

We are up for a bus trip in the morning. 9am til 6pm, visiting the scrap shops and warehouses here. Lots of fun I am sure. I will be sitting up the front of the bus and R&N can sit up the back!

Rachel wants to know what a Dutch Oven is. ???? Ha ha.


5 responses to “Hijacked

  1. How funny. I’m surprised they didn’t kick you off the flight. i bet you were a rowdy mob.

    I hope your referring to the Dutch Oven using a bed sheet…

  2. OH MY GOD. Is Sydney ready for the three of you and will it survive. Just joshing, jealous as hell, wish I was with you. Can’t wait to find out about all the great stuff you get to see. I will be following the blog to find out what you’re up to.

  3. Wow, so glad your having a great time. Its about time you had some laughs. Have a ball Tan, see you when you get back. xoxo

  4. Great to see you are having some good ol’ girly fun- so jealous of your bus excursion tomorrow- could be dangerous!!

  5. OMG…… sounds like you three should come home and behave. Hope you all have a ball and come home safe and sound. xox

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