Bus Tour

Rachel’s log

Apparently I snore, kept the girls awake, they should have let me get to sleep sooner, aye. Up after a few hours sleep & off to Muffin break for a healthy breakfast then onto the bus for a super shopping excursion all over Sydney to wholesalers & retail stores. Yep, we shopped till we dropped, both for ourselves & the store, do we have we some goodies for you!! & we haven’t been to SIA yet!!



Nat’s big fat log!!!!!


OMG we had fun today… I was a very good girl and I only spent 65c   (in one of the shops!)    We were very excited to find some great bargains that the wholesalers were offering us so we decided that we had better buy them… coz we were feeling a lil low after getting NO SLEEP (thanx Rach!) and thought  wholesale therapy would assist in this terribly tiresome task that we have been REQUIRED to undertake.   I did not enjoy myself at all … unlike Rachel in these photos which were taken after we unplugged her!!!



Tania’s back.

 I hear these girls sniggering as they are tapping away on my computer, it’s a worry.

We are having the best ever worst time shopping all day, being driven around in a bus to each destination, wholesale and retail shops… oh my, I have fallen in love with the shops here, scrap loot was fabulous! If you ever are in Sydney, please go there. No, hang on… don’t ever go there, because you will never want to visit my little boring tiny country shop again! It is stunning, the décor, the shop floor space, the layout displays, everything. I wish I had a million dollars.

We certainly shopped, and we have some great stuff being freighted home to use in classes, and some things that just HAD to come home with me too. We also were lucky enough to snag some freebies, and will be sharing some of these with our shoppers at the Biggest Morning Tea at the end of this month.

Our shopping ended up on our bed… can you believe I slept here all night with Natalie on this little double? I am used to a King… (King size that is) and her legs aren’t hairy.

We sat up the back of the bus; it was the furthest I could get my Tourette’s friends away from the crowd. Talk about laugh!

Dinner was at Novotel, call to the families and chat with the ladies from the other stores, we aren’t going to get much of a chance tomorrow… up early for an 8am sharp start with class. First class is Prima with Janine Koczwara, last class is Glimmermist Tattered Angels with Heidi Swapp… oh can’t wait!


One response to “Bus Tour

  1. Sandra Dawson

    Oh you poor girls, must be so tough. You are a bunch of dags.

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