No Rachel log today.

No Nat log today.

Rachel is too tired, and Nat is too naughty.


Today was a blast. I love SIA! Classes are fabulous, there is so much to see and do, and there is not enough time. First up we had Janine with Prima, ooh la la. The shop will soon be full of Prima. Janine was such fun, such a good sport and we loved her layouts and “wow” techniques.

We have lots of new ideas and plenty of new products on our wish list. Oh, the ever-growing wish list.

Rachel then went off to do a TwiddleyBitz class with Nicole and came away with a lovely winged shadow box. Another must-have for stock.. more Twiddley chip. The new items were launched here and we will be getting them soon.

Nat did the Collections class with Julie, and has now fallen in love with Collections and that white vintage look. Expect to see this in the future in her designs for our extension classes. Julie and Audrey’s display was just stunning; we could have lingered there for hours, looking closely at the intricate work they have to inspire.

I did a copic class, using the new copic markers and learned the finer techniques of blending with markers. Pity I was so tired from talking & laughing till the wee hours, I nearly fell asleep in class.

I ran into a few ladies we have met along the way, it’s great that everyone is so friendly.

Our “What If” competiion layouts lined the wall, along with the cards, wow what incredible work! Our country is so talented and we are so proud to have our layouts up there with them. Hey…”What if” one of us won?

Rachel and I then met up for Sally’s Delish class. We love Sally, and her classes are always so simplistically beautiful, easy to do and affordable. Everyone is going to love her new range when it hits Australia. We have the prototypes; the real thing is due in a couple of months.

Our last class of the day was with Heidi Swapp and the Glimmermist range. OMG we just loved this class. Heidi’s kit was packed with great product, even the packaging was divine. We were glimmermisting rock stars and were blending and puddling, misting and scooting, she had us flipping and mopping, pooling and drooling.  The glimmerscreens got a work-out and we used the new “glam”. This is just divine! Can’t wait for this to come in, and it will be on our shelves as soon as it’s available. Hands up if you want us to repeat this class at home!

The crop night tonight was a fun way to wind down after four 2-hour classes. We got to hang out with some other girls and scrap. Rachel and Nat took up the challenge of the night, creating a page “what if” out of the kit supplied, using only the products in the kit. Their pages were beautiful. It is inspiring being here, that’s for sure. I finished off class projects, and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, before heading for the hotel.

Nat took some great photos today, but cop this one when I pulled a face at her as Heidi was so kindly signing my book for me. Charming.

It’s late and we have to go to sleep… meeting Heidi for breakfast at 7am! Yep… we’re great mates now.


2 responses to “SIA

  1. Great photos girls……so jealous of everything you’re getting to experience over there….

  2. Tania was so excited to meet Heidi & when Heidi agreed to sign her project Tania couldnt contain herself, Nat was on hand to capture the moment, if only I had thought of asking Heidi to sign mine too. I am happy that we have photos to scrap of us all together.

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