Winners are Grinners

SIA 2010 Day Four

OMG I can hardly type, we are so excited, so tired, so happy with ourselves. We have had the best time these last 2 days. The show is done and dusted now and we are in the lobby having drinks and chatting. Really we should just go to bed, and we had intended to as soon as we were fed, but there is so much to talk about!

This morning we headed for the show to be there by 7.30, and we left around 11 hours later. Wow, what a day. We tried uploading to the blog, but the hotel connection kicked me off just as I had it done.

Our first class for today was with Becky Fleck, you know those fabulous Page Maps books we have been loving for years… well we got to work with her in person. How wonderful! Rachel and I completed 3 pages! These are some you will definitely want to do in class… as soon as we get the supplies.

Nat’s first class was with the fabulous Basic Grey designer, Nic Howard. She worked with the Max and Whiskers range, the new pet papers, but there was definitely no puppies or pussies in sight on these pages!

Next up we had Helen Williams doing a hectic class using distress inks and Websters Papers to create a technique driven mini book. It was fast paced and hard to keep up… God this is a hard job… but somebody’s gotta do it.

Lunchtime was a bit of a highlight, after Heidi’s touching speech the awards were announced and oh my god… wait for it…. Nat won the Australian Designer of the Year. Now she truly knows the scope of her talent. Read that again… AUSTRALIAN DESIGNER of the YEAR. We are so very proud of her. She now will be designing for the magazine and has also won $500 worth of product and $500. So drinks are on her!

And I think we have had too many already.

So, with our heads high and many congratulations to Nat, we continued on to our next classes for the afternoon. Golly, I was dragging my heels by then, and didn’t finish Ngaire’s class, but it was so lovely. A good project to finish later at home.Nat discrovered that her nieghbor (the creative Jo who designs for Twiddleybitz) has the exact same hot pink iphone. They were twins for the afternoon.

7 Gypsies class was one of my favourites, we created an awesome Antique Printers Tray and it was just beautiful. So gorgeous. Of course I didn’t get it finished as I went for a walk to catch up with Cheryl from Aussie Scrap Source as I had hardly sighted her in the 2 days (I was so looking forward to a good chat, bummer). She showed me super quickly the new card classes and Travel album we had been chatting about over the phone. There is so much to see! We could do with another day just to chat to wholesalers. The 7 Gypsies girls, Paula and Debbie were from the States, (yes, more international flair) and they sure were fun. We had em going with our Aussie humour and gave them the ol’ Aussie oi oi oi.

This whole experience has been fabulous. We met some really nice girls, caught up with some ol’ friends too. There  was a great turnout for WA, and our state scooped the pool of awards, with Kareena (from Margaret River’s’ Scrappy Cow), Jodie (Scrap it Flaunt It,  Perth), Dusty Attic (Wholesaler – Perth), Julie from Collections (Wholesaler – Perth) and Nat (The Scrapbook House in Geraldton of course!).

Can’t wait for next year!

Nat’s big fat blog!!!!!

OMG!!!!!    Can’t believe it… am so excited bout my lil win today (excited but nervous!!!) and so looking forward to the challenges that lie before me.   But also hoping they don’t realise I’m some country hic that loves nothing better than scraplifting someone else’s hard work to give my brain a rest.    Sssshhh you girls who know about me…. The façade is working eh????   (they fell for it…got them fooled!)

Rachel’s Log

Congratulations Nat, we are all so proud of you! What a great couple of days, we are up to our scrap totes in ideas & products; we have got some great ides for you all & overflowing with new ideas for classes & the store. Off to bed now, happy scrapping.


6 responses to “Winners are Grinners

  1. Congratulations to Nat.
    Hope to see lots of new stuff in store soon. xox

  2. Congrats Nat. I have always loved your work and thought your design flair is wonderful. It’s great that everyone else thinks so too. Tania so glad you’ve all had a wonderful time and that Sydney has survived (It did, didn’t it?) Can’t wait to see you all and all the wonderful stuff and idea.
    Love to you all
    P.S. Nat you rock!!!!!

  3. There’s some serious scrapbooking royalty hangng out in these pics……..Nat, you are a superstar!!

    Us Geraltonian scrappers are so proud of you! Do we get a snapshot of the page that won it for you? I am sure we would all love to see it. Right girls?

  5. Derrrrrr me – I’ve got my iphone the wrong way!!!! lmao
    & how did I go out in public with my hair like that!!! 2xlmao
    Thanks for the shout-out Tania, you’re sweeeet!!! mwah

  6. We are so proud of Nat, she has been our top designer & scrap diva for some time, so great that she has been recognised by those who attended SIA from all over Australia & New Zealand, we are so very fortuinate to have her here in little ol Geraldton WA, thanks Nat for all that you contribute to our scrapbooking community.

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