Happy Mothers Day

To my beautiful Mum, to my lovely step Mum, and my Nanna, and my Oma.
To all my friends who are Mothers. To all my relatives that are Mothers. To any Mother in the the land…



This morning I was spoilt with gifts as well as breakfast and flowers from the garden. Love love love my teapot, the cup sits underneath it… check out my new bracelet child #4 made with beads and child #3 made bath goodies. They all made cute cards with love. Love handmade.

But this gift from the family… take a wild guess what it is. Oh and ignore the bed-heads on my babies.


5 responses to “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Hi Tania, looks like your day went well as did mine, thanks for the wishes and a Happy Mother’s Day to you too, what is left of it …. You taking up Golf?

  2. Where are you going to get time to play golf. It sure looks like golf sticks to me.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mothers day. xox

  3. Yep looks like golf sticks to me too!

  4. lol, go guys!!

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