9 weeks down

A couple of months ago our special boy Joshua went in for some surgery. Some readers followed our journey, reading the ramblings of a troubled Mother in the form of this blog. Thankyou for asking after him. I just wanted to update everyone on his progress and let you know he’s doing fine.


This was back then, I blogged everyday. Every minute he was in my anxious thoughts and I worried it would never end. The Dr assured me it would and I found that I didn’t quite believe him.

Our last visit almost did my head in, that was the week before SIA. It turned out to be four of the toughest days I’ve had. Oh okay, maybe not that bad as  I’ve had some pretty tough days concerning Josh, but you know what I mean. Lordy I am melodramatic sometimes. Sorry. I guess it’s had just been a long time and worn me down. I didn’t even blog. I have some irrational scribbling in my book, but it’s the writing of a madwoman and not fit for public viewing. Oh dear. Andrew rescued me on the Friday night, (my knight in shining armour), and we were home by midnight, to be on the road again for SIA Sunday morning. SIA was a wonderful relief.

He’s come a long way in 9 weeks. It’s been a long 9 weeks for us, longer for Joshua I imagine.

Right now. He’s off all pain medications (most of the time). He’s (almost) sleeping through the night. He’s smiling again.

He’s smiling again.

Did you hear me? HE’S SMILING AGAIN.

That makes a Mamma’s life worth living.


4 responses to “9 weeks down

  1. Smiling is a very good thing!

  2. Yes, our childrens’ smiles are what we mama’s live for and 9 weeks is a veeeerrrry long time to not see our child smile- way to go Josh!

  3. great to hear you are all comming out the other side of this journey, bigger, better, stronger, & Josh is made of steel now!! well bits of his hips at least, lol.

  4. Hi the Tania and Andrew family,
    guess what I just found the blog site, didn’t know how to get to Tania’s blog before, glad Joshua’s making a speedy recovery and SMILING, soon be back at school!!! stop that wagging Joshua hehehe!!! I glad I have discovered Scrapebooking its in my mind all the time and I hope my scrape book will make two elderly people SMILE!!!

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